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last post about church stuff
2013/05/06 10:43
In regards to my last post about church stuff: there are many other factors and reasons why I am considering leaving my church. A lot of it I don't want to mention, even in a protected post. I don't think I will ever be comfortable telling anyone about my true thoughts, beliefs, etc. Some things go back for several years. Just stuff building up on each other. I guess I could've elaborated more on certain things and said a few things differently but I wasn't up to writing a long post and I'm too IDGAF at the moment to edit the post. Sorry but not sorry if I still didn't answer any questions Claire Hsu.

This weekend is the church yard sale. I'm helping as cashier, because I have always supported the yearly mission trip and I enjoy helping them fundraise.

I'm not going to the party Saturday night. I'm sure I'll be exhausted from being around people all day from the sale, and I know I'll just want to chill at home with my book toughest phone case.

Sunday I'm skipping out on church again. I will have been at the church for four days this week for various things and, to be honest, I need a break from seeing the pastor's face.

I know I should chat with Susan about this - I mean, we chat about our frustrations with the church all the time - at some point. I can't this weekend since she's busy with the yard sale. Maybe I should stop by her office sometime early next weekDrop proof phone case .

Well... I hope everyone else has a good weekendSummer's ComingBlack and YellowrainbowsHalloweencolordays希望的田野小時代且聽de風吟Swiss miss .
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