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I didn’t lie a lot.
2021/08/10 00:56
I was way too honest. I wish I’d lied more! LOL.

OMG wait! Yes I have one. It’s a whopper. I feel terrible to this day. I had a huge crush on a boy in 9th grade. Huge. I’ll out myself, his name was Tom. At the Homecoming dance he asked me to dance and I freaked out. I instantly became terrified of boys. I said no and ran out and called my mom to pick me up.

Later he called me and talked to me on the phone. And then he asked me out. Again I freaked out. Lied said I was busy. He called me out and asked me out again. And lied and said I had a boyfriend. Not long after he transfered schools and to this day he prob thinks I’m a witch. I was just terrified of dating. :cry: I really liked him though. Quite a bit.
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