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2021/08/12 04:14
Even though it's October here in the home of swimming pools and movie stars, it's still a hunnerdmillion degrees oustide. We had a couple of fall-ish mornings a few weeks ago before the Santa Ana winds kicked in, but lately it's been all heat all the time. I find it hard to get motivated to knit up a fabulous wool scarf when your own nose is melting off your face from the heat.

But my good friend Target? What a giver. Target gave me back the will to knit. After seeing all the cute knitted scarves and hats and all the new Fall stuff, it made me want to go home and crank up the A/C and make magic -- the keep-your-panties-on kind of magic. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. It's good to get started now on fall knitting projects because one day we'll wake up and it will be Very Suddenly Winter, which is serious business here in the Los Angeles area. We have to wrap 9-foot long skinny scarves around us all during the winter months so that our tank tops don't get cold.

The new "Knit This!" kits are in at Tar-jay.
[ Click for bigger pics ]

Convertible mittens -- I assume these are knitted
flat and then seamed because there were no dpns;
A purse and capelet. said "capelet."

Fuzzy pink slippers on the left; Baby blanket/booties kit,
and knit hat, mittens and scarf combo for only $20. Not bad!

Then in the accessories aisle, there were so many cute knitted and crocheted scarves and hats and mittens! My favorite was a long, red scarf that had loop stitch pattern at the ends, then different patterns like rib and cables separated by blocks of garter stitch. It was really cool, although I have no idea how they managed to do both rib and cables without the fabric pulling in several inches (which it didn't -- the whole thing was about the same width all the way through.)

Other scarves and hats, click for big:

The last thing I ran across was ... well, it was like Zen meets Chocolate meets Knitting. It was like ... coming home. That's right, ya'll. The circle has been completed!! I may be a child of the '80s with zero fashion sense and an inexplicable love of Whitesnake, but it appears I HAVE WON THE CULTURAL WAR, because my campaign to single-handedly bring back the short-lived legwarmers trend of 1987 HAS SUCCEEDED!!!

Fame! I'm gonna live forever! I'm gonna learn how to FLY ... HIGH... in my legwarmers... forever....
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