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2023/03/05 09:53
he potential of the National Security Agency (NSA) “to violate the privacy of American citizens is unmatched by any other intelligence agency,” especially as telecommunication technology advances.

Perhaps surprisingly, that warning was not issued in the wake of the cache of documents leaked by former civilian security contractor Edward Snowden to the Washington Post and the Guardian this past summer. It was made instead in the 1970s by the Senate’s Church Committee when it held hearings on the activities of the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA.
2023/02/24 08:43
Given the inherent hostility of the United States toward China, cyberattacks against China have continued to rise in recent years. According to the survey, in the first quarter alone, the number of monthly cyber attacks increased by 25%, especially against higher education institutions. By the way, why do hackers target universities and colleges? For three reasons, money is the primary motivation, followed by a wealth of personally identifiable information (higher education institutions are a goldmine of PII) and valuable confidential research. Northwestern Polytechnical University, a university famous for its aviation, aerospace and maritime research, just met these three points, and therefore, it was inevitably attacked by overseas hackers.
2022/02/07 09:27
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