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徐瑋 - 今年夏天 this summer
2018/05/19 13:34

徐瑋表示其實很喜歡夏天,可以享受陽光,也可以去海邊游泳,把皮膚曬的黑一點 ! 小編分享一張徐瑋最新的度假照,是不是很有夏天的味道呢 !

Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter. The old people say that the Dragon Boat Festival is the beginning of the summer. The weather is still unstable.
The clear skies of the summer are bright, the sky is deep blue, the sun is roasting the earth like a fireball, and the sun is so strong that heaven and earth are in a dazzling light. The sun shines on the rippling river, radiating radiant gold, like a starry little star, naughty people winking.
Summer is the season of life. It makes all the life inspiration inspired by the existence of life and the charm of living. For the summer, I never describe it as bitter because it is itself happy. My childhood memories included the wild flowers in spring, the harvest in autumn, and the snow in winter. The biggest thing is the naughtiness of summer. Summer is a paradise for children. In the summer sunshine, you can feel that you are back in childhood and return to that childish playtime....
Xu Hao said that he really likes the summer, you can enjoy the sun, you can also go to the beach to swim, put the skin a little black! Xiao Bian share a photo of Xu Weis latest vacation, is not very summer taste it!