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Increase Lead Generation and Conversions that Traffic Converts
2021/06/09 05:04

If you have heard the term blogging but do not know exactly what it means or how to make money from blogging, read this full article.

After reading this article, you will gain an understanding of blogging, why blogging, how to start blogging and how to make money from blogging.

By blogging, you can start a small online business that will eventually generate revenue for you. Even if you have a job for yourself, blogging can still help you succeed in your career and become known as an expert.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Some people use these two words interchangeably and sometimes get confused. Someone might say that it is an intrusive site, but in reality, it meant a blog.

A little hint is needed to help understand this:

Sites that do not have blogs are rarely updated with new content. Sites like corporate sites only post their business news when needed, but the main part of their site is introducing the company and contacting us, which can be left unchanged for years without any changes.

But the blog is updated daily or weekly. Blogs can be a forum for discussion and discussion using the comments section. In fact, a blog is a type of website with a topic category to express personal or business topics.

Who is blogging suitable for?

There are no restrictions in this regard. A blogger, also called a blogger, can be anyone with any specialization or skill. Anyone with access to online tools can create a blog to get people interested in the topic. Bloggers are people who want to share information about a particular topic with others.

Businesses also use blogging to increase brand awareness and teach them how to use goods or services.

You can become a personal brand in any field and you want to make good money from it. There is no other way but to blog and gain the trust of your readers. It is the brand that brings you more money, more opportunities and more orders.

How to start a blog?

It takes less than an hour to set up a blog. A simple and user-friendly blog is suitable for your work and does not require much time and money. But what are the ways to create a blog?

The first method

The basic method that is not recommended is to use blogging services such and Blog . Using these services does not require any costs and certainly has its drawbacks. Although this panel of blogs is under your management, it is not owned by you, so you cannot have a long-term view to make money from them.

In addition, the more extensive the work, the more features you need that these systems cannot provide. Blogging on these services is a good start to practice writing and producing content, not personal branding or monetizing content.

The second method

The second method, which provides you with a platform with the features and features you want, requires little cost and time to implement. In this way, by buying a cheap host and domain and using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, you will have a blog with your own management and ownership.


How to set up a blog in WordPress

First, choose an appropriate name for your blog. This name should be short and clear. This is called a domain. Register this name in your own name by domain registration companies.

You need a host next to the domain. Hosting is a space where everything that is placed on your blog from text, photos, videos, user comments is stored in this space. Hosts can be purchased from domain registration companies at the same time as the domain name. To buy hosts, start with the least amount of space possible. After a while, if necessary, you can upgrade the host.

For more information on hosting and domain, refer to the article Guide to buying suitable hosting and domain .

Well so far you have a domain name and a storage space (host).

The next step is to use a content management platform. Currently the most popular platform is WordPress and it has the most installation. Another advantage of WordPress is its simplicity and ease of use compared to other platforms.

You can install WordPress on the host yourself, which can be done in less than five minutes with its tutorials on the Internet. If you find this difficult, when buying a host, ask the company to install WordPress on your host. Most reputable companies do this for free as part of their support services.

When purchasing hosts, a username and password will be emailed to log in to WordPress and its user interface.

You are almost done with the main job and now you can enter the WordPress environment.

WordPress has put some free suggestions in the user panel for your blog template that can be installed by clicking on them. If you want to have a custom template for yourself, there are many "WordPress Template Sales" sites on the Internet that provide these templates with support and updates at reasonable prices.

The main thing is not to be too obsessive and do not forget your main goal. Don't spend a lot of time and money in the beginning. Put your time and energy into producing quality content to get more people to your blog faster.

Advantages of WordPress over blogging services

When it comes to blogging, the mind first goes to blogging services . But after reviewing WordPress, you will see that WordPress has a special advantage over these services and even other CMS.

Beautiful templates: Although blogging services offer simple and beautiful templates, the options are very limited. The template you want has been used by thousands of other blogs. But in WordPress there are thousands of templates suitable for every need.

While this variety is an advantage, there are many options that can make the choice difficult. Therefore, according to the needs and theme of the blog, buy a simple template and do not spend a lot of time choosing the template.

Plugins: WordPress has many more features than blogging systems. If after a while you need a special feature, you can add new features to your blog by installing the plugin. 

Content Ownership: This means that you have complete control over your content. You will have access to all content and downloadable files. Even if you need to, you can transfer them to another blog quickly. But in free blogging systems you do not have full access to your content and database.

SEO: WordPress is well compatible with search engines, in addition to using the SEO plugin you can improve the SEO of the blog. The most used SEO plugin is  yoast . This plugin provides analytics of the SEO of each page and its content. Of course, to optimize the site, you should not be satisfied with just one plugin, and learning the principles of site optimization will improve the ranking.

WordPress Development: WordPress is very flexible. Whenever you need to make changes to your site due to an increase in visitors or the addition of a special feature, you can apply whatever you need in WordPress. If this is not the case with free blogging systems.

What should I blog about?

It is always said that you blog about a topic that you are interested in or specialize in. You will have this blog for a long time so it makes sense to write about a topic that you would like to ask for and learn about for years. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but this is the most important piece of advice to get you started. This can be anything:

What is your skill and interest? What do you enjoy writing about?

Here are six questions you can ask yourself to find out what you are interested in.

  • What is your value? What matters to you?

A person who teaches cooking "teaching healthy home-cooked food for better nutrition" may be of value. For someone who writes in the field of insurance "Advice on choosing the right insurance and maintaining the property or cup of the people"

  • What excites you?

What is one topic you would love to read and write about? Maybe your interest or work is writing, so certainly writing and teaching this subject is much more enjoyable for you than home decoration.

  • What bothers you?

If you are not excited about something, find out what you are sensitive about and what is bothering you. For example, a person who is a child psychologist is upset by the mistreatment of others by their children. The best way is to pass the necessary training in this field through blogging.

In this way, he has played a role in promoting the culture of proper parenting. In addition, he himself became known as an expert in this field after a while, and others sought his advice.

  • What problem can you solve?

If you have a solution for other people's problems, blog about it. Maybe you have problems that you have gained by gaining valuable experiences that can attract a lot of people around you.

  • What if money didn't matter?

Of course, money is important and we all need it for a good life. If you had no financial worries, what would you still like to write about? By asking this question, you can turn your interest into your work to enjoy life more.

  • Who would you like to be?

Writing should make you the person you love. What would you like to write about that will make you a deeper, more efficient, or more professional person after writing for a long time?

Why should we blog?

Blogging is a type of retrieval that is not limited to a specific group and many individuals and businesses have been able to earn good income or grow their business through blogging. But why can blogging have such an impact on career income or success?

One of the easiest ways to attract a new customer

Whatever job or skill you have, you like to attract more people to you and more than that, you want to get the right audience. By blogging, you can introduce your products and services to your customers while paying attention to their interests or problems.

You can turn visitors into customers by inviting them to action

On the website you have the opportunity to turn more people into customers with good content and call-to-action buttons. Be more influential in their minds by inviting them to download a file or watch a video.

SEO improvement

You cannot achieve good results in Google with any tool other than content. By producing content in keywords related to your field of work and following the principles of SEO, you have a much better chance of being noticed. In addition, Google is very interested in blogs that are regularly updated.

Blogging builds the trust of readers

You may have good background information, but if you do not show it to others, how will they know? Content is something that indirectly values ​​you, without you saying it. Readers will see that you are a professional and that you want to help them with quality content. With this trust building method, they will be more willing to use your advice, services and products.

Blogging helps you build a passionate community around you

Creating a community like a marketing enthusiast is very important. But how are these people recruited? Through the production of interactive content

Good content encourages readers to follow your blog, share their comments, follow you on social media, or introduce you to others.

You can talk to a few people around you about your favorite topics. How much do they understand you and can they give you valuable information? For most people, unfortunately, the answer is very little or nothing.

Blogging is a tool that introduces you to a network of interested and similar people over time. This community can be thousands of people who blog about you and your demands every day.

Do not you think this is a sweet and enjoyable experience?

Personal commitment and discipline

Aside from all the hidden benefits of blogging, one of the main benefits lies solely with you. When you write, he becomes someone else.

You become more regular and your writing habit stays alive.
You go deeper, writing makes you a thinker.
Reading and writing are complementary. When you write, you have a greater desire to read and discover the joy of reading.

The positive impact of blogging is primarily up to you. Today, due to the vastness of science and knowledge, everyone is looking for a person who specializes in a particular subject. In the past, if a person had information in various fields, he was considered a literate and intelligent person. But today such a person is considered superficial and, in the term, omnipotent nothing. Blogging forces you to look for new information in your field of work and focus on it.

How to make money from blogging?

In addition to updating your blog and increasing traffic, you can build trust in your readers by producing content. Content will make you an informed expert. Consumers often buy the products and services they need from people and businesses they trust.

Ways to make money from blogging

It's up to you to decide how you want to make money on your blog. There are many ways to monetize a blog, the following are the most common ways to monetize a blog.

Post ads on the blog: Although this method is very lucrative but requires a lot of traffic and a lot of content must be placed on the blog. High quality google traffic and good rankings persuade advertisers to give you their ads.

Another way to place an ad on a site is to use online advertising platforms. In this way, you act as an advertiser by registering on sites such as Extant or Media Ad . Each ad you place on the blog and click on it will give you a fee. However, in order to earn money from this method, site visitors must be high in order to achieve a good income overall. Of course, you can use this method along with other methods of earning money from blogging.

Consulting: If your blog is in an area where you can offer consulting services, mention it in the blog. Let others know how you can help solve their problems. Initial counseling encourages potential customers to work with you. They feel that you understand them and that your goal is to help, not just make money and have a one-way relationship.

Selling products: Due to time and space constraints, you can only offer your consulting services to certain people. What can be done to get more people to use your expertise?

Writing books, audio files or training packages are ways to offer your services to a very wide range of people. These products can be produced digitally (downloadable) or physically.

Collaborating in sales: It may be difficult or more expensive for you to start or produce products in the beginning. One worry-free way to sell a product on your blog is to collaborate on sales.

Collaborating in sales As the name implies, you collaborate with an individual, website or company to sell their products. All you have to do is put a link to their products on the site. You will receive a percentage for every purchase made through your site.

Online Courses: In the training course, you will teach a subject in depth. Of course, if the conditions and possibility are provided for you, you can also hold this course in person. These courses can be in the form of text, audio or video.

An example of making money from blogging makes this clearer:

Suppose a person has good experience in the field of fitness by sport or field of study. How can this person make money?

Start earning money by giving advice and exercising first. Although it is not possible to produce and supply products, but the blog also has the potential to sell fitness products and services. This person can use the sales cooperation system.
Writing books and selling them physically or downloading can be another way of earning our expert example.

Social networks or blogging

Social media never, ever and never replaces blogging. Social networks are temporary and have a fun aspect. You do not own them, and you may not have them at all times. You do not go to social networks to learn and get information in specific areas or to shop. Do not take this risk and do not spend your energy and time only on social networks.

Instead of focusing on social traffic to your website, invest in your blog. Cemetery social networks are the content of the past that no one goes to.

Any content you produce on a blog is always readily available to readers on the blog. In addition, over time, as old content is updated, it becomes more powerful and better displayed in search results.

Instead of wasting your time and life on social media, start a blog and write. You will find that this small and continuous work will become a tool for branding and monetization in the future.

How to write compelling content?

Relevant and useful: The appeal of content writing is relative. Content may be the best it can be, but because it is not directly related to the needs of blog readers, it is a weakness of the blog.

Only address topics that answer your readers' questions and needs. Half of a content's appeal to the reader comes from its relevance to the character and needs.

Readability: Another thing about the attractiveness of a content is its script and readability. Content should be easy to read and divided into smaller sections.

  • Turn each piece of content into a delicious snack for the reader. The appearance of the article should be as attractive as the text message.
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short so that the reader does not find it difficult to understand.
  • Highlight important topics for the reader with colored or bold boxes.
  • If you have several topics in the article, consider a separate title for each one.

Write interactive content: Write text in a way that makes the reader feel they are interacting with a person, not a site. Use your tone in content writing, ask readers and ask them to share their opinions with you or ask them to download a file in the article.

Keep it simple: Nothing escapes readers as much as a heavy, misleading text. Basically, cyberspace is not a good place for this category of content. Express complex concepts in the simplest way possible. Use photos, charts and examples wherever you need to better understand. You will be pleased when the reader sees after reading the article that something has taken his hand and his time has not been wasted.

The most important thing in the success of blogging is to continue in this work. Writing should become part of your daily routine. I hope you take blogging seriously. If you have a blog, be serious about updating it, and if you are thinking of blogging, start and write a blog right away.


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