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花式飛盤技巧 - 英文的
2007/01/20 01:36
影片我看過很多了, 但一直沒有研讀技巧說明.
若想大有進步, 看來還是得 K 以下這些文章才行..........


Below are different perspectives on learning to jam. Some deal with
specific skills, others are personal stories. Hopefully everyone will
find something they can use. If you want to contribute contact Jake.


Throws, Catches and the basics (PDF) Rodney, Bethany and Gina

Jake's take on how to start - or - Learning to Rim delay and Brush Jake Gauthier

Learn to Delay Doug Korns

Paul Kenny expounds on the delay Paul Kenny

Airbrushing - or - Whiz Rings Kick Butt Matt Gauthier

Why fake nails - or - Is it So Wrong to Wanna Jam Better? Dan Magallanes

Going from a Rim Delay to a Center Delay Jake Gauthier


Kick Brushing 101 Matt Gauthier

How'd you get so good at Rolling? Larry W. Imperiale

Jamie explains how to "Bash and Roll" Jamie Chantiles

Learn to Chest Roll - or - The Power Roll Matt Gauthier

The With the Spin Crank Jake Gauthier

Tips on Tipping Dave "Spike" Lewis

Decision making skills for the Mob-Op player Matt Gauthier

What is "Flow"? Carl Dobson

What is "Consecutivity"? Carl Dobson

Flow vs Consecutivity Tom Leitner

How to Put Together a Routine Arthur Coddington

More Technical Tips for All Levels (PDF) Gina Sample


Kick Brushing 210 Matt Gauthier

The secret to Air Brushing - or - Sloppy Hands Matt Gauthier

Wipers Jamie Chantiles

Paul says, "turn it over" Paul Kenny

Playing with both sides Vickers Chambless

What's a reverse pull? Chip Bell

Go against the spin Skippy Jammer

The Flamingitosis Dan "Lusti" Lustiger


Checklist for hosting a tournament. Tom Leitner

Don't toss that old disc, sand it! Tom Leitner

Other Sites:

SUBs - Z tells you how to crank 'em.

Learn to Mob-Op

The Art of Beach Jamming

Necrophilia -- Deal with a dead disc

Freestyle Frisbee by Tom Leitner

Freestyle in Israel

Air Brushing in Italy