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Because before the scenery
2018/09/10 12:19

Suzhou and Hangzhou in the rain, unique charm, especially where there is a lake, if the lake has Tiantian lotus leaves, that kind of beauty, is more calm, relaxed and happy, but that's all!

Maybe sometimes I have too high a requirement for the beautiful scenery of Suzhou and Hangzhou, so I am not satisfied with seeing many places. Maybe it is because there are too many requirements, so what I see is all requirements, not scenery. What I see is my own imagination, not one thing in reality.

 his heart has given him a framework, which does not conform to the framework, is not beautiful. As we have seen, many modern people live in a concept, not in a real situation. The more concepts, the farther away from reality.

Concerning the concept of Lake water, the image of the West Lake is probably hidden in my heart. With the West Lake in front of the lake, all other lakes, after comparison, are living with colored glasses. It is really difficult to be fair and true.

Before coming to Suzhou, I had stayed in Hangzhou for a long time. Because of this kind of life, I unconsciously brought the impression of Hangzhou to Suzhou. So there will be a lot of opinions about how good Hangzhou is and how bad Suzhou is.

Is Hangzhou beautiful? To tell you the truth, Hangzhou is beautiful!

Is Suzhou beautiful? It has been a holy place of Suzhou and Hangzhou since ancient times. It is a tourist and cultural center. It is a garden paradise. If it is not beautiful, there will be no paradise, and there will be a good name of Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Both Suzhou and Hangzhou are beautiful, but in my opinion there are all kinds of feeling of beauty, why? First, because of the changes of the times, all kinds of historic sites are not as good as they used to be, commercialized, trendy, all are not what I want to see. Second, because of comparison, people have memories, similar things will always be consciously used for comparison, comparison, there is a higher, better or worse.