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What are the common manifestations of sub-health symptoms?
2018/05/29 12:30

  1, irregular sleep habits

  Many urbanites are night owls, and often do not sleep until midnight or overnight. In fact, this is unhealthy. Sleeping before 11 o’clock in the evening is most conducive to raising yin and giving the body “full charge” at night. Sufficient sleep time is the basis of our health.

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  2, nail tips

  Some people have white nail polish, but often do not pay attention, thinking that no sleep is a big deal, in fact, this is a warning bell for us to be healthy, he is suggesting that peoples organs dysfunction, poor digestion, lack of nutrition, in the usual Pay attention to a balanced diet. Some nails have vertical stripes. This is to suggest that the body is in fatigue. The spirit is not good. Pay attention to rest.

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  3, easy to long stain

  Stressful, stressful women often have irregular menstruation, which makes it easy to look dull and long with dark spots.

  4, often feel tired

  Inexplicable fatigue requires attention. He is one of the most typical manifestations of sub-health. People with deficiency of vital energy, yin deficiency and blood deficiency are prone to fatigue. Common performance

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