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2017/11/15 11:01

16,000 scientists sign dire warning to humanity - CNN -

4 小時前 - 16000 scientists from 184 countries have published a second warning to humanity that we need to change our wicked ways to help the planet.

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: Home Page

We invite all scientists to endorse this global environmental article and engage with a new alliance concerned about global climate and environmental trends.

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity - Wikipedia

In late 1992, the late Henry W. Kendall, a former chair of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) board of directors, wrote "World Scientists' Warning to ...

'Warning to Humanity' gets an update from scientists - CNET

 Twenty-five years after the first warning, over 15000 scientists sign a notice that raises a red flag about overpopulation and environmental ...

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice | BioScience ... -
- Twenty-five years ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists and more than 1700 independent scientists, including the majority of living Nobel ...

Thousands of scientists sign terrifying 'Warning to Humanity' letter ... - 翻譯這個網頁
13 小時前 - The message is called "Warning to Humanity" and is an ominous vision of the ... The message updates an original Warning from the Union of ...

15,000 Scientists Just Signed A "Warning To Humanity" | IFLScience

11 小時前 - 15000 scientists sign a second 'warning to humanity' saying that we have failed to prevent many damaging impacts on humans and the planet.

15,000 Scientists Issue a “Warning to Humanity” | Big Think

1 天前 - More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries have issued a warning: Mankind must take immediate action to reverse the effects of climate ...

15,000 scientists give catastrophic warning about the fate of the world ...

13 小時前 - A new, dire "warning to humanity" about the dangers to all of us has been written by 15000 scientists from around the world. The message ...

15,000 international scientists sign bleak 'warning to humanity' about ... › Science -
15 小時前 - A global body of scientists have joined together to warn the rest of humanity about the catastrophic dangers currently facing our planet.