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Not the flower falls
2014/01/08 15:05

If, I'm just a boat, you on the other side of the afterlife of wind and rain, you'll let me pull up your beautiful heart shore NuHart? Scattered heart valve, looking back at the past, wandering lonely, in love, will disappear in smoke. If the afterlife you or a snowflake, I wish that the desolation of the earth, with a piece of clean hug you light white; if you are a low spin gulls, I wish that through the blue sea, flying with a soft heart reflects your pride NuHart;

Meet difficult, rub shoulders for a moment, after the picture is too strong, perhaps still can't let you back in. That autumn, light the dream, afraid of my heart I broke your calm the next season blossom; in the distant journey, I listen to the distant colorful branches the voices of flowers, see you smiling heart, quietly stepped down; wind, rain and dust NuHart, the encounter, not I am greedy dream, not my heart barren fill, because I want to give your heart forever dream rose fragrance.

To dream of a warm fragrance, city, spring city, I on the stone engraved with your eternal smile, with thin clothes wrapped to endure the hardships of travel on the road, and in the lethe River, hope the afterlife I could hold you in the city, no longer let edge rain hk-employment.

The wine is red. The smoke was still burning. Maybe yesterday aroma also remain in the lips. In this monthly heart night, with a smile, the swing of a Xi Qing Yin, in the corner, clear eyes, and I wander in the fragrance of your book, dark flowers, flowers in the rain dance half, heart Tang, in a lotus opened quiet, ripple with your smile, such as the water cycle through the.
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