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A news anchor had stroke symptoms on air. Her colleagues jumped into action.(新聞主
2022/10/21 19:59

A news anchor had stroke symptoms on air. Her colleagues jumped into action.




Julie Chin, a television news anchor in Oklahoma, was telling viewers about a local event when, all of a sudden, she was struggling to speak.


“I’m sorry,” she said after stumbling over her words. “Something is going on with me this morning, and I apologize to everybody.”


Fortunately her co-workers recognized that she was suffering a medical emergency and immediately called 911.


Dr. Neil Schwartz, director of the Young Stroke Program at the Stanford Stroke Center, said in an interview that Ms. Chin might have experienced a transient ischemic attack, which can mimic a stroke.


“When people have strokelike symptoms, we don’t want them to go back to sleep or wait until Monday to tell their doctor,” he said. “It’s better to err on the side of caution.”



jump into sth.:片語,突然決定做或投入某事(通常指未經仔細思考。)例句:The firefighters jumped into action when the alarm went off.(消防員在警報聲響起時立刻行動。)

stumble:動詞,絆倒、跌跌撞撞;結巴。例句:I kept stumbling over my words during the interview.(我在訪問中一直吃螺絲。)

err on the side of caution:片語,寧可過於謹慎而不要冒險。例句:It’s wise to err on the side of caution.(謹慎為要是明智的。)



Does Your Music Match Your Personality



Of course, one person may enjoy many styles of music at different times and for different reasons. But scientists have noticed a few trends or connections between personalities and musical preferences. For example, people who love pop music tend to be extroverted, while people who enjoy country music are typically outgoing and traditional. While those examples may not be too surprising, other connections might be less expected. For instance, people who listen to heavy rock music actually tend to be gentle and introverted.


生活必備字詞: trend n. 趨勢 for example  例如,舉例來說 tend to V  往往會. . . ;易於. . . typically adv. 通常;典型地