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Daughter of the Deep: Past and Future Meet at Sea 深海的女兒
2022/10/10 18:16

Daughter of the Deep: Past and Future Meet at Sea



【摘要2022-10-07壹蘋】Author Rick Riordan is the writer of over a dozen novels for youths, including the Percy Jackson the Olympians series. The five books in the series are set in the 21st century, but with Greek gods. With over 180 million copies sold, it is one of the top - selling book series of all time. His other book series include The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus. Riordan' s most recent novel, Daughter of the Deep, was published in October 2021.

作者雷克.萊爾頓創作了十幾部青少年小說,包含《波西傑克森》系列作。此系列的五本書設定在二十一世紀,但都與希臘眾神有關。它的銷售量超過一億八千萬冊,是有史以來最熱銷的系列作品之一。他的其他系列作包括《埃及守護神》及《混血營英雄》。萊爾頓的最新小說《深海的女兒》於 2021 年十月出版。


youth n. 年輕人

be set in. . .   (小說、電影)以. . . 為背景

The novel is set in San Francisco in 1965.

recent a. 最近的


Kiko turns 56, yearns to take a stroll with daughter Mako



Crown Princess Kiko marked her 56th birthday on Sept. 11 by saying she looks forward to the day she can take a stroll with her daughter, the former Princess Mako, now known simply as Mrs. Komuro following her marriage to a commoner.


“I cannot directly meet my daughter right now, but in the meantime I tend to the plants in our garden and want to create banksia rose arches in the hope of sauntering with her here one day,” Kiko said in a written reply to questions submitted by reporters prior to her birthday.


Mako was obliged to relinquish her imperial title upon her marriage last October to her college sweetheart Kei Komuro. The couple live in New York.


The Banksia rose was Mako’s signature mark when she was a princess and is a favorite flower of her parents, Crown Prince Fumihito and Kiko.




take a stroll:片語,散步,漫步;stroll,動詞,名詞,散步,溜搭,閒逛。例句:Taking a stroll after every meal is good for your health.(每餐飯後散步有益健康。)

relinquish:動詞,放棄,拒絕,交出,讓與。例句:Edward VIII relinquished his throne to marry a twice-divorced American woman.(愛德華八世放棄王位以便與一名離過兩次婚的美國婦女結婚。)