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Factors to consider when choosing a compressed air dryer
2022/12/01 11:34

Flow rate: When choosing an adsorption dryer, it is generally selected according to the actual average maximum gas consumption, or it can be selected according to the air supply volume of the air compressor. regenerative air cooling system.Take it into consideration when choosing.

Intake temperature: The humidity content of compressed air has a great relationship with the intake temperature. Generally, the standard intake temperature of the adsorption dryer is 35°C, and the maximum temperature can reach 50°C. If the temperature is higher, more water vapor will be carried into the compressed air adsorption dryer, and even the processing capacity of the dryer at a high place will be reduced. Then the adsorption capacity will decrease, causing the dew point of the outlet to fail to meet the working requirements.

Energy saving: The compressed air adsorption dryer has a modular design, and the airflow is evenly distributed and dried evenly. The blizzard filling method is used to avoid the wear of the desiccant caused by the impact of the airflow. If powder appears, it will increase the resistance and cause dust pollution to subsequent equipment.


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