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Why RFID has a broad market development space?
2022/08/02 15:14

In recent years, due to the restrictions of developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the voice of promoting the core technology has become more and more loud, especially in the field of chip research and development, due to the lack of independent technology,13.56 mhz RFID cards  the RFID industry is facing the same problem.

However, because the relevant technical bottleneck is not particularly high, the breakthrough in the localization of the RFID industry is obviously more rapid and more intensive. At present, application scenarios led by clothing, shoes and clothing, warehousing and logistics, new retail, aviation luggage, asset management, books, medical care and other fields continue to increase the application of RFID technology, which makes the market demand for RFID continue to rise, and the market volume also follows. growing.

Although in these scenarios, RFID can also play a significant role in dataization and improve the efficiency of enterprise management, but it can only be regarded as "partial Internet of Things". Therefore, it can be said that the value of RFID has not been maximized. In order to maximize the value of RFID, some industry experts pointed out that closed-loop applications should be broken. The scope of RFID projects should not be limited to a certain company or application link, but to a higher level, such as the transformation of the entire industrial supply chain. .


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