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How do enterprises choose the right RFID tag
2022/07/29 14:32

Many companies may not understand RFID tags, and do not know where to choose the right tag for themselves. 125khz RFID cards Today, Xiaobian will give you some suggestions!

First, the identification distance of RFID tags. Some companies have requirements for the distance of RFID tags, while others do not know. When choosing, you can understand the supplier clearly before making a choice.

Second, does it need to be waterproof, and whether it needs to be soaked for a long time?

Third, the size of the label, whether we have any requirements for the size when choosing the label, often customers want the label to be small in size, which is not only good-looking, easy to install, but also used for embedded processing applications. You can choose the appropriate size according to your needs.

Fourth, what temperature is the label exposed to, whether it needs to withstand high temperature or low temperature, this is also what we need to consider.


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