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Four characteristics of car camera module
2022/07/27 14:03

Compared with mobile phone cameras, the technical process of vehicle cameras is more difficult, mainly due to its high requirements for reliability. At present, the unique specifications of the Car Camera Module   mainly have four points

1. The module that can suppress the noise during low-light photography, especially the module for photographing the rear and side of the vehicle, requires that the image must be easily captured even at night.

2. Another feature of the car camera module is that the horizontal viewing angle is expanded to 25°~135°. The horizontal viewing angle of the camera module in the mobile phone is mostly about 55°.

3. The body of the vehicle camera module is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the material cost is high. The automotive camera module uses aluminum alloy die-casting instead of resin to ensure reliability

4. The mechanical strength and high temperature resistance of the vehicle camera module are the decisive criteria. Since cameras for active driver assistance systems are safety-critical components, they must also function reliably when the power supply system is temporarily interrupted


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