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What are the features of infrared hunting camera
2022/07/22 15:40

Hunting camera (also known as infrared sensor camera) is a new type of product between cameras and surveillance cameras that can form a system by itself. So do you know what are the features of the infrared hunting camera?

1. High image quality (12 million pixel CMOS chip, shooting 4032 × 3024 pixel images, can also shoot 2048 × 1532 images, and one trigger, optional shooting 1-3 pictures)

2. Quick start response (the time interval from finding the target to shooting is less than 1.2 seconds); long standby time (standby current is less than 0.1 mA, using rechargeable lithium battery can stand by for 2 weeks under normal temperature)

3. Ultra-small size design (strong concealment, and optional dead leaf camouflage painting); video recording (640×480 pixel image; 30 frames/second)


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