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都五十一年了, 還在糾結"認知" 與 "承認".
2022/09/28 16:28

Last evening, I watched the political program hosted by that "media tycoon", Zhao.  The first topic of the night was that 2758 resolution by UN in 1971, and three official joint communiques between China and United States.  Zhao and all attending guests, including a lawyer, unanimously agreed that United States only "acknowledged" there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is a part of China, but not "recognized" it.

Zhao and those TV pundits emphasized "acknowledge" is 認知, and only "recognize" can be interpreted as 承認.  I have nothing to say about this but only suggest you to consult the words in your dictionaries again.  Okay, let us check the words in an Oxford. 

The dictionary interprets the verb "acknowledge" as "to accept that something is true" and puts it in the very first place.  The second explanation is "to accept that something/somebody has a particular authority or status".  Both of the explanation indicate the word means 承認 in Chinese.  The dictionary interprets "recognize" as 承認 in its second and third explanation. 

At least, both of "acknowledge" and "recognize" can be referred to as 承認, and "acknowledge" is absolutely not 認知.  Obviously, now America is just backtracking its original promise to China, but both KMT and DDP have fooled people of Taiwan for 51 years, and many years to come.



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1樓. reaizuguo*😻雪中送炭
2022/09/28 23:03
嚴重同意 !!!!!!

把 acknowldge 中譯成“認知”,台灣的“外交部”是始作俑者,是故意曲解。


verb (used with object), ac·knowl·edged, ac·knowl·edg·ing.

  1. to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.
  2. to show or express recognition or realization of: to acknowledge an acquaintance by nodding.
  3. to recognize the authority, validity, or claims of: The students acknowledged the authority of the student council.
  4. to show or express appreciation or gratitude for: to acknowledge a favor.
  5. to indicate or make known the receipt of: to acknowledge a letter.

沒有一條可以真正解釋成“認知”。 基本上,acknowledge 和 recognize 就是同義字。硬要說有何不同,可能 recognize 在法律上更為正式些。美國選擇了acknowledge,有畏縮之意,公報中再加上“兩岸的中國人都承認自己是中國人,......”的字句,美國似有準備多年後看情況賴皮之準備。

何況,在外交文件(如上海公報、中美建交公報)上,大陸用的acknowledge 和 recognize 中文詞都是“承認”。 在法律上,文件中英版的效力是一樣的。

Thanks for your useful supplements!  FYI, my Huawei cell phone has translation function, so I let my writing be translated into Chinese to see what will happen.  Well, all translation on either "acknowledge" or "recognize" is 承認,  So, a lot of 承認 appears in the translation.  It is kind of funny in reading the Chinese version.  Retiredbum2022/09/29 12:10回覆
來賓六人, 其中四人是美國名校博士. Retiredbum2022/09/29 15:57回覆