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2022/09/24 17:11

Scarcely have I obtained information from print media or traditional TV now; instead, most of the news I get are from electronic media.  Why? Partly because except the information itself, I also like to read the responses from readers.

But most of the time, I surf online the news from Mainland electronic media, not Taiwan’s.  Sometimes my cell phone may pop out some news regarding the situation across the strait and other international affairs.  Maybe I am wrong, but nearly all responses related to the news concerning China Mainland are nothing but abuse, vitriol, even expletives only, without any constructive criticism.  By contrast, I can often see analytical responses from Mainland netizens on public subjects; some different opinions are even better than the original ones.  At most the readers would just give some negative responses to the viewpoint they don’t agree, with ridicule sometimes. 

Such a phenomenon reflects those general netizens in Taiwan lack of positive thinking and patience due to the long-term brainwash imposing upon them.  That is one of the most dangerous factors in the future of Taiwan.     



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