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智堅, 其實你不必那麼辛苦.
2022/08/11 13:23

NTU decided the other day that the master thesis of Lin Zhijian, the blue-eyed boy of Cai Yingwen, is a sheer plagiarism and revoked his master’s degree accordingly. Upon the decision, Lin still beat about the bush, finding every plausible excuse to evade the core question: did he or did he not?

In fact Lin did not have to react with such a difficulty.  He could simply reply to the question asked with an affirmative answer, "No, I didn’t plagiarize; I swear.  Otherwise, I’ll go to hell."

He could also add some dramatic effect to his announcement by cutting the head of an innocent cock in front of his superstitious and diehard supporters.  See? So simple as that!

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1樓. reaizuguo*😻古典披頭士
2022/08/12 09:48
離題: 推薦一篇絕佳歷史題材的好文


I did read it on Guancha yesterday, and I read it again.  Thanks!  FYI, I have never, ever liked that Butcher Zeng.

You know, my old hometown was liberated in 1940.  My father used to tell us the brutality done by the so-called 回鄉團 in 46/47, and compared it with what Zeng did in Nanjing.  Some material shows 回鄉團 had been part of the reasons that 張靈甫 was defeated.  

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