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2022/08/10 16:58

When I first heard of subject term in America from Taiwan media before 2020 "presidential election", I asked a colleague of mine what it means.  Then I realized that preserved fruit had been used as an awkward malapropism to denote "sense of being subjugated".

But where have all those preserved mangos gone since Mainland China exerted her military drills closely around Taiwan?  Some reports said there were people even touring the sites of drill, trying to catch the sight of gunfire or missiles from PLA.  There was no obvious panic out of public, and people were living their days as peacefully as usual.   

You know, the "sense of being subjugated" is just as imaginary as that non-existent "Republic of Taiwan", and the future "war" across the strait, if any, has nothing to do with race, religion, resources, and even lifestyle, but an unfinished civil war.  So deep in the mind of ordinary people, why must they have any reason to fight a war that would not bring them any change, maybe just a new ID?

However, those preserved mangos will come again, and the "sense of being subjugated" will be rekindled when next "presidential" election is coming in 2024.  The question is whether the island could hold that long.    

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