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2022/07/01 16:19

Today is the 25th anniversary of HK handover, also the 101st anniversary of CCP.  President Xi went to the island to host the induction of new head of HK SAR.

Something has changed.  A picture from foreign media shows that HK police start to switch "goose-step" march on the ceremony.  It is kind of derogatory term to connote a disapproving tone toward the change, and some Chinese media immediately replaces it with a neutral term: Chinese-style foot drill. 

Despite that Anglo-Saxon people are still reluctant to accept the fact that Hong Kong has been a territory of China, the SAR has yet had many things to do to eliminate the relics of former British colony.  For example, from that fright wigs of judges, funny British-style salute, to the translated street names of British origin.  Well, I do hope in next 25 years at least all public figures of Hong Kong could speak standard Mandarin in formal occasions.

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2樓. reaizuguo*😻
2022/07/02 00:20
Jiulong is not on the Hongkong(Xianggang) island and is actually on a peninsula, a small part of the Mainland.

Xianggang was ceded to England after first Opium War, Jiulong peninsula after second Opium War, and the northern part of Jiulong (New Territory) was forced to be leased to England in 1898.

Xianggang itself is an island.

Retiredbum2022/07/02 10:15回覆

Xianggang was ceded to England after First Opium War, while Jiulong Peninsula, after Second Opium War; and the northern part of the peninsula (New Territory) was forced to lease to England in 1898.  The three parts comprise of the so-called Hong Kong.  

Xianggang itself is an island.  

Retiredbum2022/07/02 10:22回覆
1樓. 馮紀游陸游:恆星/日出北方
2022/07/01 18:12

HK is not an island. HaHaHa


I know what you mean, Sir. Retiredbum2022/07/01 22:20回覆
I know what you mean, Sir. Retiredbum2022/07/01 22:23回覆