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2022/06/19 20:49

Report said a famous self host commented that if Taiwan continues to take double standards towards the different reaction aginist its unqualified export produce, that is, harsh to Mainland but humble to Jap and other countries, then Mainlander will look down upon people of the island.  

Recently there were toxic additives found in the groupers that had long been one of the major exports to Mainland under ECFA.  Therefore, China Mainland imposed a ban on those aquacultural fishes.  You know, the foundation of fair (international) trade is the principle of comparative interests.  In the same latitude Mainland can provide all by herself the things that imported from Taiwan, and she has the advantage of cheaper labor and larger arable field.  So why must she import all those stuff from Taiwan?  Obviously, it has been an important concession in favor of the islanders, whom Mainlanders regard as their brothers, simple as that.  

But the islanders returned the favor with ingratitude in every possible way, and you know it.  Should we not look down upon those people with ingratitude?       

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