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2021/10/03 10:43

PLA sent the largest aircraft combination ever, 38 in two batches, to fly over the ADIZ of the southwestern part of Taiwan to South China Sea on the 1st day of October, the national birthday of PRC.

All of the major media in America have reported the news, and they used the term "incursion" to poorly define such a move of PLA.  Incursion means hostile entrance, and most of the islanders and American politicians may think so, but all of the Mainlanders may think otherwise.

The frequent visits may mislead to a clash someday, somehow. (Even AP admits that "The Chinese jets never violated Taiwan’s territory, but the Taiwan military did scramble fighter jets in response to the aggression. Taiwan also tracked the Chinese aircraft on its air defense systems, the island’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.")  Dear islanders: therefore, your lives do matter and so you should work hard to  avoid any military conflict across the strait, starting with a peace talk which is based on one China principle.  Do not dream your pipe dream anymore because your irresponsible master will not "protect" you forever, and the island will not drift away to other places.  The answer is as simple as that.            

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