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How is the market for pressure sensors
2020/05/06 12:01

The main players in this market include General Electric launching new products and collaborating with other market leaders to innovate and launch new products to meet the growing consumer demand.

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The end users of the included pressure sensors are automotive, healthcare, aviation, consumer electronics, oil and gas, industry, etc. It is expected that the automotive market will dominate the global pressure sensor market during the forecast period. pressure sensors play a vital role in automotive applications, such as obstacle detection, autonomous emergency braking systems, predictive collision sensing and speed sensing, which complement the growth in this area. Self-driving cars and the continued popularity of self-driving cars have created abundant opportunities for the market.

The growth of automobile production and the increase in demand for fuel-efficient and safe vehicles will further lead to market growth. The increase in road traffic accidents and strict vehicle safety regulations complement the growth of this market. The increasing adoption of self-driving cars in developing countries provides opportunities for growth in this market.

According to a new study, the global pressure sensor market is expected to reach approximately US $ 13,466 million by 2026. In 2017, in terms of revenue, the automotive sector dominated the global market. In 2017, the Asia-pacific region accounted for the largest share of the global pressure sensor market.

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