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普京大帝徵兵30萬準備消滅烏克蘭? Russia will mobilize 300,000 additional troops
2022/09/25 15:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks in a video call with heads of states that are members of the Eurasian Economic Forum in Bishkek in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, May 26, 2022. (Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Putin announces partial military mobilization, drafting reservists into immediate action and escalating Ukraine war..

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the partial mobilization of his countrys reservists.
  • According to Russian officials, 300,000 reservists will be drafted immediately.
  • Putin said the move is meant to "defend the motherland" and protect Russias sovereignty.
A Soviet T-34 tank drives in the Victory Day parade in May in Volgograd, Russia.T-34.tank...
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.Russian military still using World War II-era tanks..
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6:西伯利亞遠東軍區傳聞已經密秘動員完成10 萬阿兵哥入伍訓練.
Ukraine Separatist anti-aircraftWorld War 2 Top 10 Soviet Tanks and Tank Destroyers (Videos) - YouTube.Ukrainian Separatist
.Ukraine SeparatistsA service member of pro-Russia troops fires a mortar in the direction of Avdiivka during Russia-Ukraine conflict, outside Donetsk on September 17, 2022.
Putin require add 30000K troops and play a big  war game with USA/NATO..

Putin says Russia will mobilize up to 300,000 additional troops to fight in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia will mobilize up to 300,000 additional troops to fight in Ukraine. Moscow appears poised to annex the Ukrainian territory it currently controls.

Russia-Ukraine war: Russians flee to avoid draft as west says Putin faces ‘major challenges’ to recruit 300,000 – as it happened.Western officials say true target could be higher but significant hurdles remain to mobilise stated target of 300,000.

Western officials believe that Russia “will face major challenges” to mobilise 300,000 more people to its armed forces and that the country’s military will struggle to train and equip any new recruits unless the Kremlin waits several months before deploying them on the front line in Ukraine.

The intelligence experts acknowledged that the true recruitment target could be higher, but although some reports have suggested the Kremlin’s real goal is to mobilise 1million, the officials reiterated in a briefing on Friday that it was their belief it will be very hard for Russia to reach 300,000, never mind any larger figure.

When pressed, one official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that 300,000 was “an immense number of people to then try to get in any sense of semblance to be able to fight in Ukraine”. The official added: “The authorities will face major challenges even in mustering this number of personnel.”

Russia has faced problems with training and equipment throughout the conflict so far, and the officials said that would almost certainly extend to newly pressed recruits. “We think that they will be very challenged in training, let alone equipping such a large force quickly,” the official said. Recruits will likely be issued “old stuff and unreliable equipment,” they said.

As Russia loses ground on the battlefield in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin made a major announcement that raises the stakes in the conflict. Russia will mobilize 300,000 additional troops, and Russia appears poised to annex the Ukrainian territory that it currently controls. For the latest on this, were joined by NPRs Charles Maynes in Moscow and Greg Myre here in Washington. Good to have you both here.SHAPIRO: Charles, why would Putin call up 300,000 more troops at this point in the war?MAYNES: Well, he announced this as a partial mobilization, deploying what he said would only be additional reservists with military experience to fight in Ukraine. As to why now, this comes amid a Ukrainian counteroffensive thats been quite effective and growing criticism from nationalists at home that Russia was in danger of losing largely because it wasnt using its full fighting force. Yet Putin today suggested that Russias recent problems were a result of a conflict that had shifted. You know, instead of fighting just Ukraine, Russia was also now taking on what he called the collective West. Minister Shoigu is saying that he needs 300,000 people, then about 100,000 more and 100,000 more. So its not a partial mobilization. Its gradual mobilization.






That time a WWII era Soviet tank did a barrel roll during a Russian  military paradeRussians protested in dozens of cities against Putins military draft. Russians again protested against President Vladimir Putins decision to draft additional forces for his struggling military operation in Ukraine — holding scattered demonstrations in dozens of cities across Russia on Saturday despite threats of arrest and a heavy police presence.

As nightfall set, over 700 people had been detained nationwide, with the majority of arrests in Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to the human rights monitoring group OVD-INFO.The demonstrations came as Russians continued to grapple with the impact of a Kremlin order to call up an additional 300,000 troops for the military campaign — a move President Putin has framed as "partial mobilization.""I havent heard the word war out of Putins mouth. And if theres no war then how can we have a mobilization?" said Natalya Zurina, a retired university professor, in an interview with NPR.

.Police officers detain a man in Saint Petersburg on September 24, 2022, following calls to protest against the partial mobilisation announced by the Russian President.

.Soviet tanks on review\\

Inspection of T-34s and crews, 


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