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1967.我倆沒有明天 'Bonnie & Clyde')
2022/09/24 12:15

Bonnie and Clyde (1967) - IMDb

" I am your girl. If you are stuck between
here or there or anywhere ,I will move mountains for you
if it is the darkness you fear ,I will sit there with you
if you need to be kissed, I will set us both on fire
if you need an escape from this life,I will drive the get-away car.
I have always been right here waiting... I have always been your girl and I love you. Lets go."--Poem by N.R. Hart, Author, Pearls Slipping Off A String .
(Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway in the 1967 movie Bonnie & Clyde)

可能是 2 個人和大家站著的黑白圖像

Bonnie and Clyde, with Warren Beatty and faye Dunaway, 1967

A vintage Italian movie poster reprint of Bonnie and Clyde, with Warren Beatty and faye Dunaway, 1967.

我倆沒有明天Bonnie and Clyde,《雌雄大盜》)是一套1967年出品的美國傳記犯罪電影。此片改編自美國1930年代的著名鴛鴦大盜邦妮和克萊德的真實故事]



2017年第89屆奧斯卡頒獎典禮,為紀念本片五十週年,特請男女主角擔任最佳影片頒獎人.Poster with a photo of five sharply dressed people holding various guns in front of an old-fashioned carBonnie and Clyde (1967) - IMDb



Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 American biographical neo-noir crime drama film directed by Arthur Penn and starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the title characters Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. The film also features Michael J. PollardGene Hackman, and Estelle Parsons. The screenplay is by David Newman and Robert BentonRobert Towne and Beatty provided uncredited contributions to the script; Beatty produced the film. The music is by Charles Strouse.

Bonnie and Clyde is considered one of the first films of the New Hollywood era and a landmark picture. It broke many cinematic taboos and for some members of the counterculture, the film was considered a "rallying cry".[] Its success prompted other filmmakers to be more open in presenting sex and violence in their films. The films ending became iconic as "one of the bloodiest death scenes in cinematic history."[]

The film received Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress (Estelle Parsons) and Best Cinematography (Burnett Guffey).] In 1992, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. It was ranked 27th on the American Film Institutes 1998 list of the 100 greatest American films of all time, and 42nd on its 2007 list.

Bonnie and Clyde (1967) - Filmaffinity

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