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深秋時節的歐洲顯得沉靜與沒落 002.? EU autumn season is falling and silence?
2022/09/25 10:57


..歐洲的乞丐與遊民街友,充滿街頭巷尾.製造社會問題.音為俄烏戰爭帶來將近600 餘萬的難民湧入歐洲各國,隨之而起的就是社會問題,諸多的犯罪行為發生,搶劫,行騙,詐欺,拐賣人口,犯毒,賣淫等不法事件日益增加.歐盟中央委員會雖然極力處理,但是限於各式各樣的國情,法律似乎無效也無奈,換句話說就是歐洲沒落喇.

Sweden sees explosion in beggars from EU countries

.A survey by broadcaster SVT shows that the number of EU migrants begging in Sweden has doubled in one year, to 4,000, primarily from Bulgaria and Romania. This is in spite of negotiations on migrants Sweden initiated with Romania last year.



Sweden says no school places for children of beggars,Report encourages Swedes not to give money to beggars.

Beggars become social problem for heart of EU, Brussels

Unknown whether these people arrived in country through traffickers or with their own preference

Beggars become social problem for heart of EU, Brussels

Households across the EU will struggle with energy, food and housing costs this winter. If inflation and particularly energy prices continue on their current course, many people will fall into poverty and destitution, unable to cover the essentials. Actions taken now could make a huge difference..

Since the start of Russia’s aggression, the EU stands united in its unwavering support to Ukraine.  

So far €9.5 billion has been mobilised to support the country, with an additional €10.1 billion raised through #StandUpForUkraine..Begging

There is growing concern that the winter months may bring a major recession, especially if Russia cuts off the gas supply to European countries. In this context, EU governments agreed last month on a voluntary reduction of natural gas demand by 15% this winter.

Since then, they have increasingly expressed support for EU-level intervention in the energy market and will meet to discuss this at an emergency Energy Council on September 9. 2022.

Current inflation is concentrated on energy and food, which are essential for life, health, and dignity.  Housing is another essential good, and one of the most significant costs facing most households.

The Oldest and Historic Pubs of AmsterdamAmsterdams smallest pub. - Louis Bar, Amsterdam Traveller Reviews -  Tripadvisor.Amsterdam Nightlife - Going out in Amsterdam

Nertherland pub street  no man.?


We need urgent action to stop cold, hunger and homelessness this winter. Inaction will cause great suffering, leave scars for years to come and threaten social stability. European societies can ill-afford a dramatic increase in abject poverty. Governments and the European Commission are beginning to act but more ambition and urgency is needed. .


Basel Switzerland Fall Autumn - Free photo on Pixabay.
.pub 空蕩蕩等無人喝酒買1送1.也就是說不再吸引人..
.5 BEST Irish Pubs in Stuttgart - Germany - Viraflare
歐洲的秋季陰暗潮濕,天空飄落下秋雨,覺得冷清清,街頭巷尾行人稀少,荷蘭的阿姆斯特丹也就是說,暑假結束外籍觀光客離境,本地又恢復過來昔日狄優閒,尤其甚者運河兩岸更是顯示出寂靜無聲,雖然酒吧霓虹燈及Helneken.啤酒廣告燈亮起,但是酒吧內並無擁擠的人們,喝酒聊天.德國境內小村莊空蕩蕩石磚路亦無行人.深秋時節的歐洲顯得沉靜與沒落 ?
Berlin is great anytime of year, but especially during the crisp cool autumn weather.

EU ,Autumn season is falling and silence? ..





Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar – $1 million.







.寶拉蕊大香檳干邑特優XO木盒禮盒- 酒酒酒全台最大的酒品詢價網

.Bottles and decanters of Courvoisier cognac

Many in Europe have to skip meals to cope with energy crisis. There is serious and rising concern and outrage among the European public over the cost of living fueled by higher energy prices and approaching winter. 

The public despair in Europe is being directed at government policies as energy costs skyrocket out of control ahead of the chilly winter season. The risks of civil unrest, including street protests and demonstrations, in Europe’s richest nations is rising, a risk consultancy firm says. 

According to Verisk Maplecroft’s principal analyst Torbjorn Soltvedt, Germany and Norway are among the developed economies witnessing disruptions to everyday life because of labour actions, something already seen in the United Kingdom.

If Russia’s piped gas has fallen from 40% to 9% of supplies in nearly six months, where is the replacement gas coming from? So far, Europe has bought up gas quickly and aggressively, managing to fill its storages to 82% of capacity ahead of the coming winter.

Europe has increased imports from the US and Qatar, with LNG rising by 63% in the first eight months of 2022 to 85.3mn tonnes, equivalent to 400mn cubic metres per day, as the continent uses up all regasification and cross-border pipeline capacity.


深秋的歐洲在午後己乎很少人民外出活動,室外咖啡屋的座位總是空蕩蕩等無人消費人行步道也就是說空無1人,德國,匈牙利,荷蘭,法國等地區皆是如此.秋雨飄飄然的落下,秋風冷冷的吹拂,這樣一來與缺少天然氣的供應,昂貴的電費與油價息息相關? 老百姓的抗議與抗爭英國皇室避不見面.

國際戰略觀察家分析認為,英國皇室及貴族們,早已暗中處理掉部份資產,轉移海外其中瑞士的私人銀行及英屬開曼群島等避稅天堂,就是他們的特權事業,例如哈利王子早已將他自己的資產轉移加拿大及美國,他在美國加州購買豪華別墅給予妻子梅根及子女居住使用,他的哥哥威爾斯親王威廉早已在南非等地置產,其他的英國皇室家族,早已暗中進行脫產,以5鬼搬運模式消耗資產,以免將來英國實施共和國制度,廢除皇室的特權與特殊待遇福利等等,即使英國老百姓對於皇室清算鬥爭,得到的資產僅有30% 左右..
Queen lobbied for change in law to hide her private wealth.
The Queen successfully lobbied the government to change a draft law in order to conceal her “embarrassing” private wealth from the public, according to documents discovered by the Guardian.
A series of government memos unearthed in the National Archives reveal that Elizabeth Windsor’s private lawyer put pressure on ministers to alter proposed legislation to prevent her shareholdings from being disclosed to the public.The true scale of her wealth has never been disclosed, though it has been estimated to run into the hundreds of millions of pounds..Queen Elizabeth II owns 10,312,500 square miles of the Earths surface surpassing the states of Russia, China, and the U.S.A..

Using the figures provided, if one divides $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty three TRILLION dollars) the estimated value of her private land holdings according to the article by $5,000 (the estimated value given per acre in the article), one finds the number of acres personally owned by the Queen is not in the millions. Its in the BILLIONS.Queen Elizabeth II  has title to, and is therefore the legal owner of 6,600,000,000 ( SIX BILLION, six hundred million) acres of the Earths surface. Thats 10,312,500 square miles.  Quite the little homestead.

The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).

This makes her the richest individual on earth. However, there is no way easily to value her real estate. There is no current market in the land of entire countries. At a rough estimate of $5,000 an acre, and based on the sale of Alaska to the USA by the Tsar, and of Louisiana to the USA by France, the Queens land holding is worth a notional $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty three trillion dollars or about £17,600,000,000,000).

Now Labour hard-left target the QUEEN and demand uprising at Buckingham Palace.MOMENTUM has sensationally targeted the Queen and called for protests outside Buckingham Palace as plans to suspend Parliament continue to spark fury..

We are encouraging civil disobedience, in whatever form that takes. It might mean shutting down bridges, it might mean marching to Buckingham Palace and protesting the Queen.

brexit protests

brexit protest

NO QUEEN/KING Family.. .
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