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德國人抗議G7.高峰會議 作秀 2022.G7 SHOW.
2022/06/26 17:06

..Photo shows Schloss Elmau.


G7 agenda more urgent than ever.There can be no question: the German G7 Presidency has certainly had to take on a heightened responsibility this year, not least in view of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, which has moved to the top of the agenda. Solidarity and close cooperation are needed to mitigate its far-reaching impact.

But as Federal Chancellor Scholz put it, the war must not lead “us as the G7 to neglect our responsibility for global challenges such as the climate crisis and the pandemic. On the contrary: many of the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the year have become even more pressing as a result of the change in the global situation.”“Progress towards an equitable world”“Progress towards an equitable world” – this is the goal Germany set itself on taking over the G7 Presidency at the beginning of the year, laying out five areas of action to guide the work of the G7.



People take part in demonstration against G7 summit in Munich.

.People take part in a demonstration in Munich, Germany, on June 25, 2022 to protest against Group of Seven (G7) summit, which is to be held in Bavaria..


.We are need to buy oil/gas from RUSSIA.

Federal Chancellor Scholz making a government statement in the Bundestag on 22 June 2022德國總理 Olaf Scholz ,被認為是軟腳蝦子,向美國低頭認輸,OS.終止NS2.LNG PIPE LINE PROJECT.讓德國及俄羅斯遭受到嚴重的經濟損失 .

Government statement before summit week

“Europe stands united side by side with the Ukrainian people”.

Three high-profile appointments await the Federal Chancellor in the next few days: the European Council in Brussels, the G7 Summit in Elmau and the NATO Summit in Madrid. The focus of the meetings will be the war in Ukraine. In the Bundestag, Olaf Scholz stated the aims pursued by the Federal Government – and said that Germany would face up to its responsibility.



.俄羅斯不會輕易放棄NS2.帶來的經濟效益,德國已經投資110 億歐元興建的NS2.LNG PIPE LINE PROJECT.,俄羅斯勢在必行的要協助德國竣工通氣使用,雖然目前俄烏戰爭尚未停止,但是相關的通氣試驗準備工程,依據計劃悄然的進行?


Implications Seen for U.S. LNG as Nord Stream 2 Nears Finish Line.Russia will likely complete by next year the undersea Nord Stream 2 (NS2) natural gas pipeline to Germany despite ongoing U.S. efforts to scuttle the $11 billion project, “If Nord Stream 2 comes online as expected, the influx of supply into Europe could place further pressure on a U.S. LNG recovery in 2021,” McLean said in a recent post on the firm’s website.

McLean predicted that NS2 could be completed late this year or in 2021 even though U.S. lawmakers last month introduced bipartisan legislation to try to halt the project by significantly expanding the number of entities that could face sanctions for aiding it in any way, such as construction, financing, insuring or certification.

The United States has already delayed completion of the 745-mile line by imposing sanctions in December on pipe-laying activities in the Baltic Sea, which NS2 would traverse on its route from Ust-Luga, Russia, to Greifswald, Germany. Those sanctions caused privately-held Allseas to suspend its pipe-laying work, which in turn prompted Russia to develop its own ships to try to complete the line. The work was delayed after NS2 had already been built within 100 miles of the German coast at a cost of $10.5 billion..

G7 2022 Briefing Series - EN Slider 890x500

.Germanwatch is critically following this years G7 Summit (26-28 June 2022 in Schloss Elmau) under the German Presidency. We are contributing constructively at various levels of discussion in the run-up to the summit, during the summit and in the follow-up. Our particular focus is on the climate, development and financial policy agenda.

the G7 summit will also address the global consequences of the war in Ukraine – namely rising energy prices, scarce raw materials and the threat of worldwide famine. Nonetheless, many countries in the southern hemisphere are still struggling with the consequences of the pandemic.

“If we do not succeed in standing by these countries in solidarity, powers like Russia and China will take advantage,” warns Federal Chancellor Scholz. The Federal Government has therefore made a point of inviting influential representatives of the Global South to Elmau...Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the German Industry Day in the Verti Music Hall.

.2022.G7.高峰會議,因為俄烏戰爭的影響到議題討論,淪為形式,毫無意義,無法解決歐盟與俄羅斯的關係,國際觀察家分析認為,當前的石油,天然氣,糧食以及烏克蘭的600 餘萬的難民問題,極需解決,而不是唱高調的討論經濟,環境保護,人權等問題.

The message that is to go out from the G7 summit is “that the democracies of the world are standing together in the fight against Putin’s imperialism. But they are no less committed to the fight against hunger and poverty, and to combating health crises and climate change”..

Flaggen vor dem Bundeskanzleramt

Unter deutscher Präsidentschaft findet Ende Juni der G7-Gipfel in Elmau statt. Germanwatch setzt sich dafür ein, dass die bisherigen Ankündigungen und Absprachen der G7-Staaten durch konkrete Entscheidungen und Finanzierungszusagen in die Tat umgesetzt werden. In diesem Blogbeitrag (auf Englisch) gehen wir darauf ein, von welchen klimapolitischen Kernfragen der Erfolg des Gipfels maßgeblich abhängen wird.

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