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Santorini, Here We Come
2011/07/10 22:48
      One can not come to Santorini and not feel happy. It's absolutely a postcard city with astonishing views. The deep blue sea, the white buildings, the cute churches scattered around the city, and the hospitality from the local people just make you fall in love with this island immediately. 

    Our hotel manager Vasalie is from Bulgaria. A very warm, hospital guy who likes to explain things in details. "No problems, sirs," Vasalie likes to say, "I'm here. No worries, you people from Taiwan are good people. Vasalie takes care of you. "(Scott always identifies himself from Taiwan instead of the U.S. when traveling outside the country because he doesn't have to go into details about his immigrant story and besides he wants other people to think that Taiwanese can speak fluent English)

Bridgette: "Mr. Vasalie, I lost my bag in the bus on our way here."

Vasalie: "No worries, young lady. Vasalie will get it for you."

      We stayed at Oia which is located far above the sea that it must be a great inspiration for lots of artists. This is the commercial part of Santorini and brings in lots of tourists every single day for the island. Each of the five families rented a separate unit not far from one another. Our unit is the central hut where we had breakfast in the morning and lounged around in the afternoon or had drinks late in the night after all the kids are in bed.

Santorini's home-grown tomatoes are the best!

Yummy octopus!

      A woman from a distance down the hills was waiving at us with a hat after we had climbed 1000 steps to get to our unit. "Oh my God, is that Mary?" Not sure who that girl was, we waived back anyway. A few minutes later Mary showed up at the front door. You can not be happier meeting your friends in a beautiful place like this.
      My sister's friend Mary, a happy single living in Shanghai with a job that everyone dying to have with the Apples and a keen interest in gourmet cuisine, was part of this big tour group. "Girls, you have come to Europe at the perfect timing. There is big sales everywhere in Paris." Mary said. She had traveled to Paris a week earlier and scouted the areas where  all the fine restaurants and great shops were. 
     Then R and J's family joined us; Jamie and David from Beijing surprised us at a local "Blue Sky Restaurant" thus completing the whole tour group.

        Everyday we walked more than 100 steps to get to where we wanted to go. But everywhere you turn, there is a surprisingly beautiful view awaiting you. 

      Did I forget to mention Santorini is totally a "Cat City"? During the five days we stayed, there must have been more than 20 cats come in and out of our unit begging for food. The girls had the greatest time playing and even naming the cats.

Wondering if those donkeys ever complain about climbing thoudsands of steps everyday?
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依山丘而建的建築  各有View 可看

( 也讓我想起台灣的九份  ^^ )