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   Please do NOT change the name of Diaoyu Islands  強烈要求美國務院勿更改釣魚(台)島名稱為尖X島

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Dear Honorable Secretary Clinton

We are writing to ask Your Honor to reconsider the recent decision by the State Department to remove the name of the Diaoyu Islands, an island chain in the East China Sea, leaving only the Japanese name of Senkaku Islands.  This decision has caused profound disappointment and sadness among the 1.3 billion Chinese people as well as millions of Chinese-Americans because it demonstrates a complete disregard for the historical facts of this region. This decision is offensive and it has caused us to question whether our country, the United States, still upholds a fair and just value.

As you are well aware, in the last century Japan has inflicted so much harm to China and other regions in Asia causing the deaths and suffering of untold millions. Some of our parents and grandparents were among the perished. Your Honor yourself have repeatedly addressed the “comfort women” historical issue; that by itself is only a small item on a list of crimes and atrocities Japan had committed. Yet Japan has never issued formal apologies to Asian people that it terrorized nor acknowledged those war crimes in its history textbooks.

There are strong signs that the right-wing militant Japanese are gaining strength aiming at the re-militarization to restore Japan’s pre-WWII glory. The State Department’s decision to acknowledge only the Japanese name  for Diaoyu Islands is a signal to Japan and the rest of the region that United States supports the incremental steps Japan is taking to gain the military dominance in the region. It would be totally naiveté, to think we can control such development over time. Perhaps it is time for the United States to re-examine its own history with Japan. A re-militarized Japan will again look to its west but this time it will meet hard resistances from both China and Korea; it will not be able to enjoy the easy onslaught as it once did. The logic path for Japan therefore is to venture eastward to claim the vast Pacific Ocean as its backwater. We must be aware that what has happened before will happen again such as the hard lesson of “Pearl Harbor”.

History is a mirror, it reflects and also predicts. Japan has harassed China numerous times in the last 400 years. It has demonstrated over and over that it is an extremely aggressive power and it will always seek every opportunity to invade its neighbors. The United States must be very careful to allow Japan’s re-militarization. We would be making a big mistake to assume otherwise.

Set history aside, we applaud and appreciate Your Honor’s stance on “comfort women” and your articulation to refer the term as “enforced sex slaves”. We know you care.

Many of us Chinese-Americans came over to the United States to escape the sufferings and chaos as the result of Japanese aggression and oppression in WWII.  We adopted the US as our new home and in-turn we have devoted our loyalty and service to the land and people we adore and appreciate. We would do our utmost to safeguard our homeland, the United States, to ensure her forever prosperity, not to be threatened by any power, especially not the remilitarized Japan.

Honorable Secretary, we strongly urge you to reverse the decision to re-instate Diaoyu Islands name. We believe this is an irresponsible action on the part of the State Department and it violates American values. Most of all it projects a deep insult to the Chinese people world-wide.




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現 在有明確的跡象顯示:日本右翼軍事集團計劃恢復日本在二戰前的榮耀。國務院將釣魚島改為日本名稱是對日本和亞洲地區釋放一個強烈信號,就是美國支持日本采 取逐步增加它在亞洲的軍事優勢。但如果長遠性來說,認為我們可以控制日本這樣的發展,就未免過於天真。也許現在是到了美國再次檢視它與日本的這段歷史。一 個重整軍備後的日本仍然會向西看,但是這次中國和韓國就不會讓它像上次世界大戰時那樣為所欲為,因此它理所當然地會轉向,把太平洋視為它的內海。我們對珍 珠港的這樁痛苦的教訓必須牢牢地記住。



許 多的美籍華人移居美國是為了逃離日本在二戰侵略和壓迫所造成的惡果。我們將美國視為我們的家園,同時我們將我們的忠貞和熱誠奉獻給這個令我們愛慕和感激的 土地與人民。我們會竭盡所能地保衛我們這塊美國的家園,讓我們的繁榮永續,不受任何外權的威脅,特別是從新崛起的日本軍國主義。



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民進黨漢奸政客和台聯的日裔們,這些下賤日裔人渣是臺灣人的禍害 他們會幫助日寇屠殺 奴役 欺負我們臺灣。血的教訓!

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日寇這個侵略性很强的倭寇民族 毛澤東共産黨和蔣介石國民黨都被他們蒙蔽和欺騙了。



亞洲人原諒了殺人放火 奸淫掠奪的侵略日寇 日寇反而侵略野心不死!

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她説,日本爲了侵略亞洲各國 日寇每一個人幾乎都是滲透間諜。

在韓國多次(200年多達16次被日本侵略)被日寇侵略占領殖民的痛苦悲慘年間 韓國人誰都不敢相信 日寇間諜就在你的身邊。這些日寇間諜會説韓語和會寫韓國字,韓國人被日寇間諜害慘了。血的教訓!

目前的中華民國臺灣 一定要警惕日寇間諜 他們會中文漢字和會説國語和閩南話 這些日間諜得到民進黨漢奸政客的協助和幫助 這些日間諜和台聯這些邪惡日裔聯手來破壞臺灣的經濟和治安!

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