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(兒子看完Harry Potter 5的) Want to Re-start The Time Again? Try The Hour-Glass
2012/06/05 12:17:11

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/4/9

Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, who was framed by an Animag for many years, met Harry by an accident. But after Harry knew the truth why his parents died, Sirius Black was soon caught by Professor Snape and the dementors.

Therefore Harry and Hermione went to explain the truth to Dumbledore because they thought that Dumbledore would believe them. As their wish, Dumbledore trusted them, but he had no power to release Sirius.

The only way to save Sirius was to use the hour-glass to come back the past to save Sirius. The hour-glass belongs to Hermione. So Hermione turned the hour-glass three times. And with amazement, they had really come to three hours ago. Because they (Harry, Hermione and Sirius) need to ride the Hippogriff to the castle and come back, they took out the Hippogriff secretly. They flew up to where the professors imprisoned Sirius and saved him as nobody saw. They hold the Hippogriff stop, sent Sirius to a hiding place. Then they ran all the way up to Hospital Wing to find current-themselves in ten minutes, or they would disappear. It was a dangerous trip, but an exciting one, too. They saved Sirius Black, whom was innocent at all and they finished an exciting time travel.

If I had an hour-glass, the first thing I would do is to re-do all the classes that I missed during my day-off.