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(兒子看完Harry Potter 2的) The Interesting Way to Go to School –Flying Car
2012/06/05 11:26:42

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/2/23

In the summer vacation between Harry’s first year and second year in Hogwarts, Harry met Dobby, a powerful house elf and belongs to Molfy family. It warned Harry not to go to school, but Harry didn’t agree, so it started to use magic to stop him. Therefore, when it was time to take the train, the station made of magic has suddenly disappeared. Then, Harry and Ron took the flying car to fly to school.

The flying car is a car that the ministry of Magic gave Ron’s Dad. Harry and Ron flew until they found “Hogwarts Express” – the magic train to take students to Hogwarts. But Ron wasn’t good at driving the car, so they crashed into some magic plants. They tried to keep flying, but there was no oil. Luckily, Snape saw them and picked they up. Finally, they arrived at school safely.

I think flying car is a more interesting way to go to school. I would probably like to try it once, too.