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(兒子看完Harry Potter 1的) The Very Genius of Magic – Harry Potter
2012/06/04 11:34:08

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2011/11/9

Harry Potter is the protagonist of the book “Harry Potter”, which is written by the famous writer J. K. Rowling. Because of this set of books, she became a very woman. Harry Potter is so popular that it still sales very well, even though she stopped publishing new version of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is the son of two of the Hogwart’s great wizard and witch, so he has a very good talent in magic. Even though Harry Potter is alive after Voldemart’s attacked makes everyone amazed, he still have a rival called Draco Molfy. Draco is the son of Louis Mofly. Louis is the follower of Lord Voldemart. Harry Potter is also a Quidditch player since he was in the first year. It means he is the youngest Quidditch player in the centuries. Because of this, he got a Nimbus Two Thousand, which is the fastest broom when he joined the team. His intelligence also helped him solved lots of problems, so I want to be a intelligent boy, just like Harry. Harry Potter is a very smart wizard, I think he will be very great wizard in the future.