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(兒子的) What I Learn from New Learning Milestone in England
2012/06/04 11:20:39

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2011/10/19

Last night, my mon read a new express in the United Kingdom about the new primary school’s teaching. The news express is talking about the top learning fields that the children in the elementary school in the United Kingdom should learn.

I think the most important thing the children should learn is to use blogging, podcasts, Wikipedia and Twitter as one of information resources and as their familiar communication ways. They also have to learn the keyboard skill and use spellchecker to check their spelling, too. Of course, children have to learn the other things. They are communication, mathematical understanding, scientific and technological understanding, human, social and environmental understanding.

I think the six core fields the professors proposed is very useful. Republic of China should also propose some new core areas for students to learn, too. I hope there will also be some area using the internet, so we can get more computer classes.