flowers of the wound
poetic rain
2015/03/18 15:09:02
Moonlight QingJian times, incense, the fragrance of flowers, silently at your fingertips. Carefree stroll to the years long corridor hover so aloes, wandering, gently looking back, elegant appearance, and turned out to be ink ChunFang in drift, fangfang, all the way through the four seasons sing shallow sing! 

The wind gently, with the ink. Cloud light, the volume of the reward. Through the four seasons, scroll to roam, text incense long corridor of time, silently in between the lines, lingering fragrance waft ooze heart fill poetic flavour, space-time fang... 

Pear flower the fall with the dream fly, the air and light dance dress flower dream yan deeply. Hazy poetic ewha rain, fragrant fragrance overflowing. Snow dance qionghua, thousands of critics, pear tree, hanging bead curtain fragrance surplus sleeve, pipa flick harps, crisp string sound filled the sky. 

Bright lights dim, who was suddenly back person? For who alone empty lean on board? Fly and aromatic surplus sleeve, string sound leisurely buckle heart... 

Cui willow swing yarn dance dress, top flowers full dew WanSu yuan. In diffuse deep shade rippling lake, chief use for delight stroll to admire the scenery. 

Exhibition of paper writing haemagglutinin, walking fragrance book han fang. Years such as the long poem, life is like a dream long line. The night is calm in deep and remote rhyme, sky clear reflect Windows. Fragrant ink from alcohol alone, coils of han poetry book. 

Aoyama faint, maple leaf and flower home water chestnut aroma, ancient pavilion day from hate. Youth, fang surplus sleeve, its strings sing you song played, eyebrow cut clear autumn condensate eyes. Cut constantly, Richard also disorderly, is sadness, clove hitch, relapsed YuFang, poetic rain, diffuse floats, rouge, who is? 

A roll of beautiful poetry, men of letters, and go get their hands on leave time flies, time QingJian roaming, some ink seeps fang coolness of the reward! 

The autumn leaves fell and the maple leaf dance dance, scooped up hidden in hand, mouth full garment. Flowers fall garment dyeing, the han fang time flower dream yan deeply. One thousand dream especially wail, water flowers gone quiet far, cold waxing degrees have a window, YouYouRan, jade smoke, xiao flute you cui might sound, a roll of ink fang pillow sleep. 

ChuXiao smoke and cloud dream day, sweet dream snow dust city yan, crossing the graciousness, whirling, qu flute sound so YouLin between. 

Ink dye dust, one show silk flowers butterflies fly, zhongtian, remarks continous. MengXi between clouds, free and unfettered between waterclouds. Fu poetry upon the dream sail far, morning and night. To meet the rising sun, sunset holding rosy clouds. ChuXiao river, only a few clouds dream day, yao is missing you on hold, a sheer clothing inlove sails. 

Static thought, writing time, snow on the plain traces. Pinglan looked at alone, who played string? Fly and aromatic surplus sleeve, string sound leisurely buckle heart... 

Cutting, yunmeng woven clothes, warm heart. Monohydrate, heart sails, plain yan city, still remember meet early. Hand flowers, drunk is still look for aromatic wine, hand in hand is famous, the mandarin duck in the water phase, Yang Liucui lake compose silk yarn curtain light, a few back to drunk dream jiangnan, endless tragic, a flash in the pan, and gone far dream... . 

Sally line, deep and remote string. The ink painting poetry, writing the romantic, message you on hold, in the dream life. Flowers drunk up and take notice, hand in hand to the taoyuan, wine ask blue sky, fullness to pour. Play QuJin rhyme, hands aficionado. 

Sally line, deep and remote string. Those sound slow, expression string cotton. Raised eyebrow eyebrow provoking flow, youth like water, moving eyes move on. Dusk, a few back to cloud dream day. The fallen petal pian-pian dancing, drunken poetic. Dream calm rhyme, argue on the safety cost, the low eyebrow little smile smile, a plain clothes, diffuse decayed, the dream is a blanket. 

Thoughts between the fly, as the poem rain time. From hate soul dream day, a song to sing song wan, up.and vaguely the xian, light solutions for stripping, the poetic term for boat alone, the cloud who send kam book. Geese word back, on the west wing, flowers from wandering water their... . 

Filar silk underprivileged students, maple leaves the cold wind howling, the autumn scenery xiuse, substantial, sing deep and remote. Jade butterfly the dance, and pure jade wings, MeiXue culvert aromatic expression. White is the herald of spring, gently hold the spring hand, across the world of mortals, peach blossom fragrance, Sally line, deep and remote string. YouYouRan, deep and remote dream, butterfly dance dance to, and a roll of light bursts...