flowers of the wound
Life is a spiritual practice
2014/03/03 10:22:03

The text on the road, a road brilliant purples and reds, flowers are not good, only nine see Duxiu, survive Cui red is the text of the mystery. Life is also true, if a road flat, sail with the wind, they always feel time flies, blink of an eye is less, the scenery, more insipid, how can we realize the truth, to enjoy the roadside scenery? But if the ups and downs, circuitous, will have the self perception of derivative. Slow natural has leisure to look at the scenery, clouds so white, light, wind that gently, like a lover's hand, even the roadside unknown white you are more careful, think it adds a subtle fragrance to this quiet road.

Life is a journey, no matter is the starting point and end point, people really care about is the way people and scenery. Look at the flower, goods and parting, we no longer absolutely empty bags.

Young played every family, can be removed and inserted in the temples of safflower sister head, saw the first operation on the nail, and to move the big brother's care, bit by bit, is my bag, in the mind. The pure and simple love, is my most memorable. Skip class, some people accompany, homework not finished, his heart afraid, but once see the companion also arrested, feel that they are not alone, then life always feel is so simple, all the strong wind and big waves I regard it as the clouds, because I know, in the face of these, Dermes HKI as long as a hand would someone accompany me, hand in hand, together through the rain, when I look back, it must be someone behind me, stand together through storm and stress.

Life if stay in childhood the good ah, when the mother's body but also worked in the fields, then grandma still hale and hearty, then the big Yi Niang is also still alive, then after school I will trot, bounce. Too much, too much do not abandon, but now it has in the sunrise moonset, submerged in the sink, disappear in. At that time, the school will be with me and beat and scold, class, someone told me privately whispered. After class, we will go through the moon gate. When we cool naughty, boil sugar to eat, the results of hot someone's mouth, then I use the chalk head when the peanuts, cheating students chew, provoked her around the room, after the beat and scold me, even the hot summer is a luxury popsicle will someone with me to eat, you, my one, what a wonderful memories ah, how to meet the happiness. Childhood home life constraints, there are always a few family the same playmates with me to do so-called money, some broken glass bottles, a not well-known medicinal materials,Dermes價錢 we will pick up pick, it may be a few cents, but always feel that they help to the home, when will the money to her mother when I think of this, than have the Spring Festival happiness. Those childhood playmate, I want to you, thank you to accompany me through that journey, although now we Gebendongxi, drifting further and further away, but I know we'll be on the road of life, or suddenly look back, or inadvertently looking back, looking at the time, it's always there, and you always, I always stand in childhood recollection, waiting for your review. You don't have to say, I understand, thank each other with each other through the trip, to the other side face after the bumpy journey. Now when the road is muddy and bumpy, but their heart is as a pleasurable occupation,Best Hair Removal Centre even after so long, when the sweetness is still unabated.

Time inadvertently passed, and we grew up in slowly. Don't know what is time, just remember the old yard no, Chinese parasol tree did not have a playmate to drop out of school, go out to work, parents urged into nagging, I knew I had grown up. It is not hard, I have not got parents expect the school, was sent to a technical school, I started a life and a journey. If life is divided into several stages, and the stage of the middle bridge words, then I think education should be the best bridge?

Big have trouble, is no longer as before, even in school I would worry about the home, worried about his mother's health, fear is a person living father busy come over? Worry married sister doing? Worry admitted to the ideal school playmates is it right? Someone accompany them for me? If life is a journey, not only have a meet, they have not the parting. The big Yi Niang's departure, the mother's chronic illness, father temples hair like snow silk, life ah, you too hastily, never asked my answer not to promise.