Chaucer the Rapist? Newly Discovered Documents Suggest Not.喬叟是性侵犯?新發現的文件暗示並非如此
2023/01/02 22:09:38

Chaucer the Rapist? Newly Discovered Documents Suggest Not.




For nearly 150 years, a cloud has hung over the reputation of Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of “The Canterbury Tales,” long seen as the founder of the English literary canon.


A court document discovered in 1873 suggested that around 1380, Chaucer had been charged with raping Cecily Chaumpaigne, the daughter of a London baker.


But this week, two scholars stunned the world of Chaucer studies with previously unknown documents that they say show that the “raptus” document was not in fact related to an accusation of rape against Chaucer at all.



a cloud hangs over somebody/something:慣用語,指某人或某事物籠罩在不被信賴、負面、悲觀或不確定的感覺下;烏雲罩頂;憂心忡忡。例句:Since an investigation found the American teenager Hans Niemann has benefited from “illegal assistance” in more than 100 online chess games, a cloud of suspicion has hung over the sport.(打從調查發現美國青少年漢斯˙尼曼在超過100場線上西洋棋比賽中靠「非法協助」獲益後,該項運動便疑雲罩頂)。


stun:動詞,使吃驚,使目瞪口呆。例句:We were all stunned at his sudden resignation.(我們大家都被他的突然去職給驚呆了。)


Let’s Go Curling!


In fact, every curling stone used in every Olympics since the 2006 games in Turin, Italy, has been made of stone sourced from Ailsa Craig. Why? Because the granite found on the island is known to be the hardest and purest in the entire world. The World Curling Federation won’t use stones from anywhere else in its worldwide competitions. The only curling stone company that has the rights to the rocks on Ailsa Craig is Kays of Scotland.


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事實上,從 2006 年義大利杜林冬奧開始,每屆奧運使用的石壺都是由艾爾薩岩產的石頭製造的。為什麼呢?因為這座島上發現的花崗岩被認為是全世界最堅硬且最純淨的。世界冰壺聯盟在其全球性比賽中不會使用來自其他任何地方的石壺。唯一一家有權在艾爾薩岩上採石的冰壺石公司為蘇格蘭凱斯。


source vt.(從特定來源)獲得(商品、零件)

This skirt is sourced from recycled items.

pure a. 純淨的,純潔的

competition n. 競賽

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