In Rio, rescue dog watches out for his rescuer 在里約,搜救犬緊緊跟隨拯救他的警員
2022/08/06 11:46:11

In Rio, rescue dog watches out for his rescuer




In Rio de Janeiro, one rescue dog has turned local mascot and budding online influencer after joining his rescuer’s ranks.


Corporal Oliveira, a dog with short brown hair thought to be around four years old, turned up one morning in 2019 at a police station on Rio’s Governador Island, injured and weak.


"I gave him food, water. It took a while for him to get used to me," said Cpl. Cristiano Oliveira. But within a few days, Corporal Oliveira - the furry animal - started following his new master around the precinct.


Corporal Oliveira has his own Instagram profile with more than 45,000 followers, always hungry for more photos and videos of their mascot in his trademark police uniform, standing on top of police vehicles and motorcycles.


He even has a miniature toy firearm.AP



budding:形容詞,嶄露頭角的。例句:She was already a budding genius while still as a backing singer.(她還在當和聲時,就是個嶄露頭角的天才。)

online influencer:指「在網路上有影響力的人」,亦即「網紅」。

precinct:名詞,區域;轄區。例句:The street will be transformed into a walking precinct.(這條街會被改成步行區。)