How to Download Instagram Reels for Free?
2022/11/24 22:19:11
Instagram Reels have been around since 2020, and there’s no doubt they’ve taken the social media world by storm! The short-form video clips are a great way to express yourself and showcase your creativity. But what if you want to download them? Luckily, we’re here to show you how to do that – for free! 

Method 1: Using Third-Party Apps 

The first method is using third-party apps. There are many available online, such as “instadp” or “Story Saver.” All you need to do is just download the app from your app store and follow the instructions. Make sure that the app is secure and reliable before downloading it, as some apps may not be safe. Once you have downloaded the app, log in with your Instagram account and then search for the reel you want to download. Click on it, and then click on “Download” or “Save Reel.” This should save the reel onto your device! 

Method 2: Using Web Browsers 

If you don’t want to use third-party applications or just don’t trust them, then this method is for you. All you need to do is open up your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.), go to Instagram in a new tab and search for the reel that you want to download. When it loads up, right click on the page and select “Inspect Element.” This will open up a window with all kinds of code on it; don't worry about this though - all we need is at the top of this window. On the top left corner there will be an arrow pointing towards a line of code; click on it once so that it turns blue. Then right click again and select “Copy Link Address." Paste this link into another tab in your browser; when it loads up there should be an option at the bottom of your screen which says "Download." Click on this button and then save it onto your device! 

Now that we've shown you two different ways how to download reels for free, why not give them a try? With one of these methods, downloading reels should be easy peasy! Have fun expressing yourself creatively with Instagram Reels—and make sure that whatever method you choose when downloading reels is secure so as not to compromise any safety or security issues associated with using third-party apps or websites. Enjoy!