Which is the website?
Which is the better website?
2021/08/01 18:44:07
Which is the better website?

The informative website - according to sikermarketing.hu. The reasons:

  • the internet is primarily an information and entertainment medium, direct advertising does not fall into either category
  • the phenomenon of advertising avoidance is increasingly entering the world of the Internet, which is rapidly being replaced by the "best essay writing service" type of website with its visual image on a scrapbook, or even just by seeing how long the page is and clicking on it
  • appearing as a natural result on the first page of Google is much less "risky" than paying for clicks whose commercial value is unknown

So good website text is NOT advertising text!

Experts in web ergonomics, i.e. the usability of web pages, specifically warn against the use of "marketing hype", so as not to waste the visitor's time if you don't want him to click on to your competitor's website in a split second.

The process of web copywriting, website copywriting:

  • keyword selection (for more on keyword selection, see keyword research)
  • writing the outline of what you want to say (subtitles, questions and answers, etc.)
  • writing each paragraph
  • Why is a web text, a website text, different from a journal article?
  • People read the web differently from they read a newspaper or a book. They scan the top resume writing services with their eyes and try to extract the information they need in a few seconds.

The phenomenon of scanning is the fundamental difference in web copywriting!

Technical or lay web copy?

Both can be done within the text of a single page. The secret is that you can include the relevant technical terminology and its layman's explanation in the text, especially since you are not creating a website for a competitor who speaks the technical language perfectly well.

What not to put in a web text?

"Our company philosophy", "high quality and reliable work" and "we are constantly working to increase customer satisfaction" are all phrases that are completely meaningless, because that is not what the visitor looking for a solution to their problem is looking for.

The website text is ultimately the first point of contact between the prospective buyer and the seller (the website owner). Nobody thinks that in a first business meeting you should say similar texts...

Where can you learn proper website copywriting?

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