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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Sex Doll Torsos
2022/06/20 17:33:59

The material of the traditional sex doll is made of TPR, strong toughness, scratch resistance, and anti-sagging. 

But it is not as good as silicone in terms of feel and appearance. It cannot be placed in more than 80℃ water, although it can withstand high temperatures above 50℃ and can withstand high temperatures, but it cannot endure hot water for a long time. If you pour hot water into the brain too much or too often, it will cause damage to the machine inside, such as: the machine will get stuck, there will be problems with sound. If you pour hot water into the body of a traditional sex dolls torso too much or too often,you may have similar problems.

TPR is a thermoplastic polymer with a silicone base. It has excellent elasticity, toughness and anti-sagging properties. At present, TPR is widely used in the manufacture of sex dolls’ bodies, arms and leg joints.

The material of the traditional sex dolls torso is made of TPR, strong toughness, scratch resistance, and anti-sagging. But it is not as good as silicone in terms of feel and appearance.

What is the difference between traditional sex dolls and silicone sex dolls?

The main differences between traditional sex dolls and silicone sex dolls are their materials, appearance, price and customization.

  • Materials: The most commonly used material for a traditional sex doll is polyurethane (PU) which gives the body a more realistic look. Silicone dolls are made with medical grade soft silicone that feels more like real skin than PU. This makes them much more expensive than PU dolls but if youre looking for an anatomical replica of an adult human female body then its worth the extra cost! Youll also find that customizing your silicone doll is much easier because you can adjust the thickness or thinness of her torso to fit your preferences (just check out this beauty!).

  • Appearance: Traditional sex dolls torso come in many different shapes and sizes so theres definitely one out there just right for you! There are even ones modeled after famous actresses like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie! If you want something specific then check out [this site](https://www.hydoll.com/) where they sell celebrity replicas along with other types such as anime characters etcetera...

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