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one of related company has a horrible bill system--i'm exhausted dealing their wrong charges like no ending nightmare since 11/2023
2024/05/04 00:21
the nightmare began in 11/5?/2023 after the company on line chat guy helped me switch bank-A credit card (which every month to dispute delay and penalty charge that i did pay before due date shouldnt be punished many months and cant see bank-A would solve their bug even i could get 75% bonus but cant endure every month to dispute and get refund, so gave up) to another bank-B credit card. i could do by myself but afraid autopay system got trouble. i didnt know it caused the autopay changed from each month 12th to 5th for all history bill statements and future statement etc. from 03/08/2023-02/5/2024(due on 3/12 statements all same as : $37.99-$5 paperless= $32.99 which should be $31.19 they never fixed, and auto changed service period that autopay schedule date also impacted. Again i dont know when the company would fix it. ie refund $32.99-$31.19=$1.80 x 6mm = $10.8 the worst is the company bill statements very obviously can see : 1/5/2024 $41.19 but unbelivable charged credit card $41.52, ie should refund $41.52-$31.19=$10.33 2/15 $54.19 should refund %54.19-$31.19=$23 cant understand it took so many months still not yet done. that the bank-B 4/5/2024 refund 10.33+1.8+1.8(not include last year wrong charge happened to bank-A credit card, only for this year after switched bank-B credit card) as disputed 3 cases then on 4/29 cancelled all 3 cases unless i provide the evidence which they sent mail but we didnt receive until 5/2 received a letter saying cancell $10.33, didnt receive the other 2 cases letters, after i called the guy sent me 3 email links to upload the evidence. this morning i called and inquired the guy 3 questions: 1. the 3 email links didnt offer case ref # (then he gave to me) 2. 04/12 showed the company charged $14.38 in stead $31.19, was bank negociated/disputed with the company? he answeared the company autopaid amount 3. pls confirm bank-B 5/14 bill statement showed $0, no need to pay? he answeared YES and told 5/3 current balance is $13.93(10.33+1.8+1.8) which pay due date on June. i got his name and if any penalty happened i would mention his name. i deeply suspect the company like others wont admit they issued wrong charge to cover their fault(Boeing too) made it extreamly complex wys. ps im considering switch back to bank-A credit card so can get last year $1.8x6mm=$10.80 refund. never thought so tough to get money back. (im thinking the 2 波音“吹哨人”去世 must be murdered by 波音 related indirectly if no killer,都是被气死累死的. myself spent lots time including last night till now didnt sleep to redo the whole examine job) cant but called SOB, TMD, bastards, 乌龟 贼王八 小人. haaa i am missing my father 江浙 and 邻居母老虎四川骂人... 5/7/2024 波音第2位吹哨人去世肺部发现大量细菌,曾指控高层忽视飞机制造缺陷 2024年05月04日 14:28 ...据《西雅图时报》5月1日报道,迪安住在堪萨斯州威奇托市,身体一向很好,生活方式健康。家属说,两周前,迪恩突然因呼吸困难就医并住院,随后病情不断恶化,被确诊感染耐甲氧西林金黄色葡萄球菌(MRSA),医生无力回天。... --very unusal, if 迪恩 lived with 家属 then should find out 两周前 any place he went, ate in restaurants or some places. 两周前 did he have abnormal caugh, mucus, fever... symptons? i got infected H1N1 in 2006 Nov election (same symptons happened but minor to me in 2018 taiwan N1H1 spread out): 1. one of election judge(but withdrawed because enough voluntaries) offered us free Fried Chicken(KFC?) lunch, i was the last one to eat alone(i stayed in site till they returned) 2. many patients came to vote who carried movable oxygen tank. 3. the psycho stole my driver licence from my purse at home. i was quite ok then 突然 got very sick. ILL was after NY but the unknown disease was sealed including ATT female infected in NY restaurant and was dying returned ILL home.