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2024/02/05 11:17
2024-02-04 from mylib blog

Caught internet provider (system) stealing clients money by auto change auto pay due date and history bill statements service period

i had conversation (chat) with internet provider agents as :

DEC 7 5:49pm

me: want to dispute auto pay due date after switched another credit card

agent1: My name is Axxx, and I am your chat support agent....(verify my ID)

me: today(12/7/2023) i cancelled stolen credit card that auto paied monthly charge. the due date should be each month the 12th. your people(agent0) helped me to switch another credit card but (ie Jan 3) received your email showing Jan 3 and Dec 12 is the due date for DEC but it charged today 12/7. the DEC amount should be $32.99 not $37. 99

agent1: The auto-pay discount does not show up on the bill. The bill is generated before the auto-pay discount. You current charge is $32.99 I apologize for any confusion.

me: so the auto pay due date should be correct and the fee still $32.99 for DEC 12 and Jan 12 and so on.

agent1: Yes, that is all correct.... i copy our conversation?

agent1:At this time, we no longer have the ability to send transcripts to our customers. The chat history will remain in the chat window on [company website]for 30 days, unless the cache and cookies are cleared from the internet browser you are using. ps 2/3/2024 i still can in time copy/paste saved in my HD.



me: the auto pay due date changed maliciously?

Please select one of the options below
me: Change my bill due date

Youre connected with Dxxx (Agent2) ...verify my ID...

Agent2: Am I chatting with xxx(spouse) ? ME: his wife xxx

...What date did you want the due date to be?
Its been a while since your last response. Just checking to see if youre still with me.

me: i want notify your company that i found your company seems auto changed (history)statements and auto pay due date. you can review my previous chat that shoul(d) be DEC 12 but after i called to use another credit card then became Dec 7, jan 5, and Feb 3.

Agent2: Based on what I am seeing, your due date is either the 3rd or 4th of each month. The payments were also taken on those days.

02/03/2024 -32.69...; 01/03/2024 -32.99...; 12/04/2023 -32.99...

me: this is why i pointed out your company changed statements which i would say cheating or stealing money because due date all were chaned earlier.
i already paied attention. ps this is not 1st time happened since previous sold (merged?) to the current one. this is also not the only one company system did it.

Agent2: I am not seeing where any changes were made to your statement due date or print date for each month.

me: did you review my previous chat with your agent?
DEC 7 5:49pm

Agent2: You are saying that your due date should be the 12th of each month but at no point has that ever been so. Your due date has always been the 3rd or 4th of each month.

me: if you insist in stead request your company do investigate.

Agent2: I am not following you.(my name) What investigations would you like us to conduct?

me: i request you to ask your company do the investigation whether your system has the serious bug and cause clients loss. thru changed auto pay due date and history bill(xb) statements.

Agent2: Are you seeing an instance of where you were charged twice in one month?

Its been a while since your last response. Just checking to see if youre still with me.
Since I havent heard from you in a few minutes, Im going to close out this chat (session). If you need further assistance you can conveniently message us anytime during our business hours. Thank you for chatting with us today.

Thank you, have a great day!
Your chat has ended

ps i was typing then found it was over. whatever i typed was gone.

What else can we help with?
i am still typing then time out.

Do you need help with any of the below?
me: Billing & Account Info
Sure, how can we help you with your account?
me: Explain bill
How can we help you with your bill?

Understanding Your Bill
There are several reasons.....

me: No Im all set
Is there anything else we can help you with?
me: My question has not been answered
Youre connected with Dxxx (Agent3) ...verify my ID

me: you need review my chat with your previous agent today

Agent3: I am unable to see the chat, I do apologize

me: i wanted point the service date should be 11/11-12/12 but changed to 11/6-12/05 after the man(Agent0) helped me to change another crdit card

ps ie 12/12-12/05=7 days clients paied service fee wipped off (loss). not mention happened before. i didnt take action because all evidence are wiped off from bank credit card paied transaction date to the company bill history statements. not mention auto deleted my save the company and bank credit card both bill statements, i cant but re-down load at least 4 times last year. it also happened to utility companies and others.

indeed by mail sometimes mail-deliver put our mails to neighbour but still could request companies re-mail. now if you want by mail you have to pay and/or you cant get on line bill statements. it is so conviently allow companies change statments.

then the chat screen held still (not time over nor showing"Your chat has ended"
chat wont continue all i typed after also disappeared

i called 800xxx requested the Agent4 (Jxxx) change due date and do investigation system leak or bug or it would happen again. She would change it and on Feb 14 system would change service date feb14-mar12 due on Mar 12

i told her hoping the company make it right so no need call again

wait to see. system leaking bug wont solve from what i saw Charter One deleted clients history transactions then sold to USBank which didnt fix then found Another Bank also had same problems. this is why they wont mail bill statements.

i also saw many companies can auto deleted clients save in their HD data files. And SSR issued $xxx.yz became $xxx.00 without notify directly changed from retired clients deposit bank account back to months earlier.