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received from junky email--我们在暗网上找到了7个可能属于您的信息-continue
2024/02/03 10:36

2/5/2024 社会环境出了问题,让恶行不断地占便宜,善良不断地吃亏,才会慢慢养出一堆这样的恶人来。 from 大明测字天师 which is quite good novel
--there are some the writer writings are quite good 感受 which exactly i felt in usa.
didnt i mention usa became bastrads heaven while pity people living in the hell?
i can see taiwan and very likely also happens in china and i would say defintely caused by many blindly worship usa ways people plus master force other countries becoming usa-like.
this is why usa rotten policiticans want every taiwan family buy guns.

2/5/2024 (from mylib 2/2.2024 随笔)酒店给离职员工赔偿7000元1元硬币,酒店回应:“老板气不过” 2024-02-02 20:55:17 来源:大皖新闻 2月1日,一网民发视频称自己从安徽宣城一酒店离职,由于酒店未与其签订劳动合同,申请了劳动仲裁,酒店要赔偿她7000元,去领现金时发现全是1元硬币。 ...2月2日上午11点50分左右,大皖新闻记者注意到,视频发布者已将视频删除。
--i would remind people DOnot one side spoil did wrong thing ex-employeer.
酒店以前都没有出纳和员工签劳动合同 新老板接手后她是出纳负责合同事宜 did any 前员工 begin 签订合同 or not yet due to 出纳和员工合同 just 完善事宜 going to perform 签订合同? 工作半年多提出离职(奶奶生病需要照顾)结清了工资,最后却告新老板 is really not good. my point is if you need job and be hired, yourself 工作半年多 want 离职 and get 工资.告了也得到7000元1元硬币赔偿 why post 视频 but more people suspect your motive.
if you really care 签订合同 after you done 合同完善事宜 you could make a listing base on 员工年资有秩序的签订合同, did you? it is your 出纳 job not boss.
usa became bastards heaven i really wish china people not blindly worship usa myths.
my 2nd brother believed then wasted 3 years time sued airplane company, he didnt win nor lose but cant work as self lawyer fighting with company professional lawyers team.
You won but your career got black points. easy money goes fast. in usa existing workers background examined system for companies hiring reference. spouse as manager all working years he even refused to apply unemployee insurance benefits(IDES) because it recorded would impact his future looking for manager jobs.
not every one has talent to be self boss (me too). people should expect more companies make money can offer more people jobs. i really hope china unemployee rate down to 0.01% because so many popullations(14.1亿人,) 0.01% also feel too many no jobs.
master groups would continue block china, people should have sence to support your company, china stock market.
we didnt make decent profit from investment, we didnt withdraw from stocks and mutual funds which are horrible loss by Bush and Baiden wars. 3 fell down, now 5 under $10.xx/unit price. except after i knew endless masters wars we stop invest but those already bought stay.
i expect one day china stock market can kick off usa impact that really rely on china investors, the more me-type the more stable and solid and less unemployees.
i visit which showing lots weapons adv. so called 713-344-9600 to confirm whether they are selling elon brand for Sleep & Alzheimers related medicines that i received emails frequently ? can she remove my email and ph# from their system that we never visited their website nor subscribed but Equifax plus 2 others data breach victims. the lady declared my email address not exist in their system that must be fraud. so i inquired did the company directly email adv. to their clients or other companies did the job for them and can she tell me what are those companies. She just saying ignored the email. then i told her receive tons fraud emails every day. i hanged off.

Fortunately click the company website click "privacy" showing :

The NAIs opt-out platform: i clicked it to examine then popped of 64 websites as:
buyervision;Microsoft;MiQ;Retargetly;;the trade desk;undertone;
salesforce Audience Studio;Semasio;yahoo... i clicked opt out all but only
10 (branch;IHS markit digital;ativi;Retargetly;Sama TV; Sonobi; Swoop; Wunderkind(BounceX)...succeeded which all declared "An Opt Out exists" type

it explained:
在状态检查过程中,我们注意到一定程度的响应失败。您的浏览器设置、添加的扩展或网络设置可能会干扰选择退出工具的预期功能,可能导致选择退出失败,因为参与公司无法响应在该浏览器上删除选择退出cookie的请求。--i never did any 浏览器设置、添加的扩展或网络设置 except email account set fraud emails as spm and block sender emails and 3 sender domains (;; 2/2/2024

此页面还提供了向列出的公司申请退出的功能。有时选择退出可能无法成功处理。这可能是因为选择退出请求是通过互联网发出的,并且在发出请求和将结果返回到选择退出工具之间可能会被丢弃。第二次重新提交选择退出请求可能会成功选择退出。ps 33Across; it was succeeded opt out(An Opt Out exists) but the last time i checked it became "Opt-Out Temporarily Unavailable" why, did i opt out or auto subscribe happened again ? most of them (100+) have nothing to do with us but few such as Roku, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Amazon, eBay, user/buyer but didnt subscribe especially Microsoft just unchecked all auto-subscribed.

ps The Nielsen marketing cloud;
Cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser.
--in 2022? i did receive Nielsen-related mail with $2? cash to fill 问卷调查 after mailed back got another $5? it inquired what TV channel we watched, and in the car which audio channel we listened and the frequency. NEVER subscribed not even knew their website address.

ps Twitter
Cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser.
--i like 被马斯克收购的推特 i believed i can post my anti-wars opions without blockaded then too busy so never registered(the news saying charge fee?) nor visited. but after he visited Israel suffered huge pressure he also changed.

ps Linkedin
Cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser
--2/2/2024 just received from Linkedin "my-name , cogratulations on 10years with LinkedIn" i visited the company website pretended forgot password to close account and wrote the reason as "i dont think i ever subscribe 10 years ago but a real estate agent (mike loewer)charged 2 month renting fee to rent our house to horrible family with trouble son, every month destroy our house one by one.
1st time got you sent "my-name, cogratulations on 10years with LinkedIn" which shork me a lot. please remove my email address and account from your system permanent." i received "Your LinkedIn account is now closed."

ps when i put new password "fuck-2024" it wont allow until change to "fxxk-2000" be accepted. i found got 2 links : spouse and the agent mike then i knew whats going on. before closed account i cut off 2 links. spouse didnt subscribe Linkedin either and he didnt receive "cogratulations" email(his account didnt receive any email since 12/23/2023 without any reason, recently did a test ATT-Yahoo, MS outlook seems messed up his and my new email address(mine is not outlook) but it is not my new email address become his either) i would say both company updated their system caused, the more complex app the worst in usa. Fortunately received property tax mail or huge penalty issue if not pay before due date.

i clicked repeatedly but turned out more and more from 64 to 100+, why? haaa army secret service embeded? Be alert.

almost every company declared: cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser. few (10+) declared An Opt Out exists and cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser. (do i believe not being used to customize ads? are their cookies necessary to every user including not knowing became their users ? are they belong to system-related necessay cookies? or they are browser-related cookies not needed unless use their application such as google map, google search, how about bin search which i havent see bin cookies yet?

some companies declared :
Use of Cookie Technologies for IBA:
Cookies are not being used to customize ads for this browser.
Use of Non-Cookie Technologies for IBA:
Non-Cookie technologies are being used to customize ads for this browser.(my
--this is the worst who is the bastard customize ads for my browser? i have no knowledge and no related to customize ads. at all. Companies such as M.S. auto-subscribed for pity users/clients ?

● The EDAAs opt-out platform
ps live in europe including Russia
● The DAAs opt-out platform:
ps to examine visitors browser cookies

ps im considering give up Firefox but select "维护使用者的隐私权,并承诺不监控、不记录使用者的搜寻内容" because i dont like recently updated screen showing lots links? information very difficult to read what in the news or else. if i need those info to reduce fraud emails i wont mind but i dont understand whats for and occupied the reading space...
Cant send or receive email in
Important: If your Microsoft cloud storage is full, you cannot send or receive email.
--this is why i hate OneDrive too many unknown rules hided until too late. same happened to email provider block-senders if full lots weird symptons happened. thats why i hate those auto-subscribed companies including M.S. sent lots junky and fraud emails to pity clients who knew nothing or very little by their frequently updating this and that.
however we deleted many history emails (spouse has quite litlle) and not full at all after suffering lots data files disappeared in my HD and not using onedrive since. spouse never use OneDrive.
what do you think why i try and work so hard to chase out fraud emails every day?
next going to chase out all fraud phone calls. because same block callers space full problem. mother fucker fraud tele-market companies and 3 data breach companies.

Were sorry, but messages sent to you while your storage was full are bounced back to the sender and are unrecoverable. Check your mailbox storage to see whats taking up space. Learn more about recent changes.
--except been delete/block fraud emails nothing changed except you company system updated. by the way how to check mailbox storage space?
last year spouse received warnning and i help spouse deleted subfolders which his account link with ATT-Yahoo my account, no subfolders in outlook email account since then never receive warnnings(after 12/22 no emails receive and cant send either). ps i bet thats why didnt work. Didnt email providers encourage their clints merge all their different email accounts in one place? usa is very lack of qualify IT and maintainece hard working type employees cant and shouldnt cheat/allure innocent clients.
better face the reality as i said what i saw students in USC in 1980s as teaching assistant worked in math. computer center. only chinese students tried very hard to solve their program bugs cant but past due, Indo students by faked datas and cheating always submitted before due date, americans relied on me to solve their poor logical problems (the white were a bit better at least they tried but failed, the black thought its not their duty)
ps china should be alert, usa would try very hard to block for long time until their kids can compete with china kids. NEVER BLINDLY WORSHIP USA WAYS but respect our ancestors efforts from heart for we inherit the longest history IQ.

If your cloud storage and mailbox are not full, and you cant send or receive email, or cant connect to, check these common causes:
If you cant send or receive email, check your account: update your password if its been changed recently. Your account might also be temporarily blocked because we noticed some unusual sign-in activity. Learn how to unblock your account.
--spouse didnt update his email account password. if M.S. temporarily blocked his account shouldnt send warnning email before blocked on 12/22/2023 ? unusual sign-in by hacker bastards attacking? or because link with Att-Yahoo my account? how your system identify both or knew "family email account link together"? signin MS and email account with verification code no problem at all. so whats the problem behind?

If you cant sign in to your account, use the Microsoft account sign-in helper.
N/P signin MS and email account with verification code no problem at all.
ps what M.S. rules for spouse has 2 notebooks, the older one gave to me, should i change or create a new MS account or MS allows 2 notebook using the same MS account?
the problem is such problem didnt happen before 12/22/2023 what M.S. changes?
just received HULU sent "Were Updating Our Subscriber Agreement" email
did MS Updating Subscriber Agreement before/after 12/22/2023? we have MS accounts do we auto became MS Subscribers and allow MS with its co-companies send many kind adv. like fraud emails-type?
2nd question spouse old notebook is ATT-Yahoo, new notebook is outlook. when Att-yahoo account email to outlook (vice verse) does it auto became me-type, the bastard also stole ATT-yahoo email account sent lots fraud emails as me-type can i block senders me-type without problem? earlier didnt cause problem just wonder Att-yahoo has "Emails to myself" folder whether impact or block all me-type emails. outlook doesnt have "Emails to myself" folder.

If a message has an attachment larger than 25 MB, Outlook cannot send the message.
Tip: See also Unable to attach files in
N/P not even the testing email only "test" 1 word wont receive. no attach file. and cant send email totally.

Check your Other tab and ensure there are no filters preventing you from seeing all your messages.
ps the test2 email still can see in his "sent item" folder.

Check your Junk Email settings and your Junk Email folder. If there are messages that shouldnt have been marked as junk, to move them back to your inbox, right-click each email message and then choose Mark as not junk.

ps att-yahoo SPAM folder = outlook JUNK folder, att-yahoo Trash folder = outlook delete items
so my question in my account link with spouse when i did in his account SPAM or delete or add subfolder then what happens in his outlook account? will it auto sync or i should click "SYNC but how" ? if outlook forbid link with ATT-Yahoo shouldnt send warnning message before "link" performed which succeeded 3? years ago? i was thinking unlink but afraid made it even worse and not knwoing well how to do it.

Check to see if messages are appearing out of order in the message list. You can restore the message list to chronological order by selecting The Filter icon. Filter > Sort > Date.
--i did no change. because no order problem.

If one of your devices isnt sending or receiving email, removing the partnership between the mobile device and your mailbox often fixes sync issues. Learn more.
--spouse cell phone his email account can receive/send emails which we hardly use because screen too small for seniors as us. "removing the partnership" does it mean deleted cell phone email account and re-build ?what would happen?
will notebook his account recovery and updated as same cell phone? No, what i saw cell phoneinbox lost all emails after 12/22/2023,became same as notebook his email account.(this is the same problem happened in OneDrive lost many data files because badly sync designed)

However "sent" folder didnt lost test3 email and notebook popped up in my email account in stead spouse which i bet still blocked by MS or att-yahoo because no qualified matainece employees to deal complex links.
--exactly proved what i thought. spouse email account now can send email but not receive.

as i always saying Never is China or Russia attacking usa but lousy MS, Email providers updated,bad design ...caused many weird symptons.
YolBolsun #1 Star! New Member
Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 8:44 AM
the user name or password for "" is incorrect
Attempting to update email password on my ipad (IOS 13.4.1) and I keep getting - [The user name or password for "" is incorrect]. I can login to my mail via Safari at so I know my user name and password are correct. Please advise.
--exactly happened to spouse cell phone since 11/13/2023 so (my Att-Yahoo email acount)never updated. while his his cell phone cant link with mine, so separetely) did receive emails unfortunately the auto sync auto deleted 12/23-2/3? all inbox emails became same notebook his email account which link with my Att-Yahoo. its really horrible. And very weird. but i would say outlook didnt stop receiving emails. it should be Att-Yahoo link with Outlook email account caused deadly problem. i would unlink asap. However spouse using outlook not Att-yahoo in his notebook also same as mine Att-yahoo his email account. so i would say outlook itself notebook email account did stop receiving and sending emails problem. before 2/3 his cell phone didnt happen auto sync then auto deleted 12/23-2/3 emails problem.