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印度比哈爾邦警方發現了一尊罕見的、無價的1000年曆史的佛教神像 "黃財神Jambhala",這尊神像是在古那爛達大學的聯合國教科文組織世界遺產遺址附近的池塘清淤時發現的。



"這座雕像是在1月30日在Tar Singh Pokhar--那爛達遺址附近的一個池塘進行清除淤泥工作時發現的。它被保存在一台JCB機器的桶里,并被移出該地。當我們去那里找它時,人們遞給我們一個由水泥和其他材料制成的假像,"那爛達站的官員Dinesh Kumar Singh告訴電訊報。

"我們再次前往該地區,并設法找到了原來的那個。我們將把它交給ASI的助理監督考古學家Shanker Sharma,"Singh補充說。

Rare statue of Jambhala recovered in Nalanda
Deity found during the desilting of a pond near the Unesco world heritage ruins of the ancient Nalanda University 

Bihar police have recovered a rare and priceless 1000-year-old stone statue of Buddhist deity ‘Jambhala’ after it was discovered during the desilting of a pond near the Unesco world heritage ruins of the ancient Nalanda University.

However, the local people tried their best to hide it for their own selfish interests.

They handed over a fake idol hurriedly made from some cementing material and handed it over to the police team that visited the place after getting a tip-off on the find. But some archaeological experts detected the mischief and pointed it out to the police, who rushed back and recovered the original one.

“The statue was discovered during the silt removal work at ‘Tar Singh Pokhar’ — a pond near the Nalanda ruins on January 30. It was kept in the bucket of a JCB machine and removed from the place. When we went there to recover it, the people handed us a fake one made of cement and other material,” Nalanda station house officer Dinesh Kumar Singh told The Telegraph. 

“We went to the area again and managed to recover the original one. We will hand it over to the ASI assistant superintending archaeologist Shanker Sharma,” Singh added.
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