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RE3_Unit 10_All in the Mind
2018/10/10 17:43

By: Teresa Tan

Reading Explorer 3

Unit 10: All in the Mind


10 A Vocabulary Definitions

presume 假設        (v.) to think that something is the case without being certain

visualize 視覺化  (v.) in medicine, to use equipment to create an image of an internal part of the body like the brain      

transform 徹底改變      (v.) to change something totally    

entity 獨立的個體 (n.) something that exists separately from other things and has its own identity      

vast  龐大的  (adj.) immense, extremely large

reinforce 強化 (v.) to strengthen something by giving it more support

welfare  福利, 健康, 舒適, 快樂       (n.) well-being, health, comfort, happiness

flexible  彈性的    (adj.) easily changed; able to change or to do different things

underlying 潛在的  (adj.) used to identify the idea, cause, problem, etc. that forms the basis of something   

perspective 觀點 (n.) a point of view or a particular way of thinking about something


10 B Vocabulary Definitions


acknowledge 承認 (v.) to accept or admit that something is true

primitive原始的; 最初的 (adj.) very simple, belonging to an early period of development    

reveal     告知 (v.) to show or make people aware of something  

master    專精 (v.) to become highly skilled in doing something   

abstract  理論的 (adj.) theoretical, not related to real things

pronounce 發音   (v.) to say something using particular sounds

extraordinary 特別的  (adj.) having an extremely special quality, very unusual

humble 謙虛的 (adj.) modest and respectful, not too proud

dismiss 不考慮 (v.) to decide not to think about or consider (something or  someone) 

simulate 模擬 (v.) to pretend to do something in artificial conditions

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