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it was too stiff
2016/12/08 12:23
he feathers of a Goose put the newly-fallen snow to the blush. Proud of this dazzling gift of Nature, she considered herself intended for a Swan, rather than for that which she was.

Accordingly , separating herself from her companions, she swam, solitarily and majestically, round the pond. She now stretched her neck, the treacherous shortness of which she endeavored to obviate with all her might. Now she tried to give it the graceful bend, which designates the beautiful Swan the bird of Apollo.

But in vain, and with all her pains, she remained a ridiculous Goose, without inspiring a single beholder with the least idea of her resemblance to a Swan.

How many geese are there, without wings, who, for similar assumption, become laughing-stocks to their neighbors !