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covered in dazzle beautiful
2015/08/09 14:42
I have seen those fragile, like feather light flower, as a result of the rain by ruthless, gentle like her, they are. Can't get rid of a muddy rain, so was being crushed, stepping on the dirt, which have much pain, they are so beautiful Veda Salon.
If she can meet the dai jade, the beautiful flowers woman with pity, also will be light silk wrap carefully buried in flowers burial or wave drift, wash the dust!
Unfortunately, it's a pity that!
Meadow, meadow, she has been waiting for less than he, is coincided, but where is he? Is the most long for sorrow. She still waiting, waiting to be awakened happiness and romance.
A month is that year, vaguely juvenile holding her hand through avenue, so shy face, in the spread of happiness ismoka istick. Soon, avenue, flower unexpectedly, a powder of infatuation, brilliant red.
However, flowering, juvenile slowly released her hand from mine, leave alone. Her heart is as cold as ice, cool, a pair of sleeping beauty.
It is, lonely.
Half flower, flower falls, those seemingly familiar and unfamiliar world of mortals of the past, some fan fan meng meng, or dies, or long yi. Just, a little lonely новости индустрии туризма.